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Artist: Anvil
Title: Juggernaut Of Justice
Genre: Heavy metal
Release Date: 17th June 2011
Label: Steamhammer / SPV

Album Review

Some may recognize ANVIL as the heavy metal stars from the acclaimed movie ‘The Story Of Anvil’ that was released about two years ago. And some may think that the film is what got the ball rolling for their walk of success. However, ANVIL has been around for much longer since the recent 2000s; they’ve been around at least since the early 80s cranking out their heavy metal. It may not be as main stream as some would like, but it will certainly appease to fans who want to keep the music old school. While the movie probably has been the best way for fans - new and old - to be (re)introduced to the band, it is the heavy metal anthems on albums such as ‘Juggernaut Of Justice’ that really intrigue listeners, not the cinematographic story.

‘Juggernaut Of Justice’ is not anything revolutionary as far as the musical genre of heavy metal goes, but for some ANVIL fans it may be. The band has always been keen on altering some aspect of every album they create so they never make the same album twice. These subtle differences aren’t as stark a contrast as perhaps in the difference between PRONG’s ‘Rude Awakening’ and ‘Prove Them Wrong,’ but ANVIL prefer to stick to the heavy metal basis of their sound. There is the anthem powered ‘Fukeneh!’ which features some great groove moments that brings back memories of old school classic rock/ metal bands like BLACK SABBATH and AC/DC with their tongue in cheek humour of the title. Those looking for harder sounds will enjoy the thrash/ speed metal tinged ‘Running’ which hints at some PANTERA moments. And then, for the progressive fans, there is the jazzy ‘Swing Thing’, which starts out thrashy but enfolds into something wonderfully technical.

Couple all this with the excellent production so everything sounds crystal clear and listeners have themselves an excellent slab of heavy metal put together. It may not be ANVIL’S best work as they’ve seem to have aimed to appease the more main stream fans out there; much of this stuff is probably going to be come classic radio hits in the next thirty years. However, ANVIL have not sold out; they’re just turning a new leaf while keeping up with modern expectations. While they could have easily gone for the gritty, old school production of the 80s or late 70s that added that raw, primal metal feel to the music but also faded everything out so it was hard to enjoy the music as a whole, instead they’ve stepped up to keep the atmosphere of the “old school” within the music itself, rather than the production. And it seems to work quite nicely for them overall.


01. Juggernaut Of Justice - 3:40
02. When All Hell Breaks Loose - 3:11
03. New Orleans Voodoo - 4:25
04. On Fire - 3:23
05. Fukeneh! - 4:08
06. Turn It Up - 2:57
07. The Ride - 3:12
08. Not Afraid - 3:44
09. Conspiracy - 3:20
10. Running - 2:54
11. Paranomal - 7:04
12. Swing Thing - 3:00


Steve “Lips” Kudlow - Guitars, vocals
Robb Reiner - Drums
Glenn Five - Bass


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Music: 8
Sound: 7
Total: 7.5 / 10

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