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freakangel letitallend
Artist: Freakangel
Title: Let It All End
Genre: Electro
Release Date: 4th May 2012
Label: Alfa Matrix

Album Review

FREAKANGEL, based on hate and disappointment in humanity, became famous for its melodic electronic and at the same time harsh industrial sound, called by the band alternative industrial core. Who could make such a nice guy as Dmitry Darling that angry? However, it is good for both, the singer and the public, that he found a way to express his bad feelings in music. Right in the beginning the band was acknowledged as one of the best newcomer. Two years after the release of their debut album, which they had a chance to present around Europe, the musicians release their second album ‘Let It All End’. This album sounds not really different to the previous one, but in case of this project it isn’t bad.

The high quality of their music can impresses not just the fans. Basically it sounds pretty much like the rest of the bands with electro beats and distorted vocals, hating everything around them, at the same time it surprises with fresh and airy arrangements and the guitars, the specialty of the band, which remind on FRONT LINE ASSEMBLY’s best traditions. On this album there are pretty much highlights, like ‘Erasing the distance’, ‘Parasite’, ‘Mutual Forms of Bleeding’ or the title track. Even if the songs are aggressive and powerful, they don’t lie heavy and don’t put pressure. They are like fire-wind, fly around you and burn with its flames.


01. Erasing The Distance
02. I Am Not Yours
03. Parasite
04. Porcelain Doll
05. A Product Of Hate
06. Let It All End
07. Mutual Forms of Bleeding
08. Disease
09. Used
10. We Only Live Once


D. Darling - Voices, keyboards, programming
Art - Lead & rhythm guitars
fr0zen - Live keyboards, synthesizers


Cover Picture

freakangel letitallend


Music: 9
Sound: 10
Total: 9.5 / 10

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