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illdisposed sensethedarkness
Artist: Illdisposed
Title: Sense The Darkness
Genre: Death Metal
Release Date: 21st September 2012
Label: Massacre Records

Album Review

ILLDISPOSED is a Death Metal band that hails from Denmark and are gearing up to unleash their thirteenth album to date. Never one to really go on hiatus or seem like they run out of ideas, ILLDISPOSED continue their usual path of merging deep grunts, rather engaging riffs that sound like they have some Thrash influence, and a collaboration of crushing lyrics that range from social (‘Too Blind To See’) to just directive “go do it” anthem heavy tracks like ‘Time To Dominate’. Compared to previous works by the group, ‘Sense The Dark’ doesn’t deviate from the direction. While there is still a healthy dose of melody on there that feels like they would suit fans of Melodic Death Metal bands like IN FLAMES, ultimately ILLDISPOSED is much faster and heavier without acoustic sections or clean vocals. Tracks like ‘Sense The Darkness’ and ‘The Poison’ include some pretty ferocious drumming with the vocals almost feeling like they were watered down a bit for a faded effect, or like they are being snarled through a respirator. For atmospheric effect- like on ‘The Poison’- it sounds great, but for those trying to understand the lyrics, it can be an issue.

It is difficult to find anything specific to make ‘Sense The Dark’ stand out in particular compared to its fellow releases or Death Metal compatriots out there. Some might even think that ILLDISPOSED went the route of a more generic group as there is a lack of symphonic/ electronic elements that made the previous album, ‘There Is Light…’ slightly more different than the previous straight up Death Metal, despite its commercial approach. After a while- despite the blends of melody and crushing power- ‘Sense The Dark’ may begin to lose its flavour with the average listener. Vocally, it has a hook, but everything else just tends to sound about all the same. The solos are about the only things that try to add more life to the music through changing between fast, technical interludes such as that on ‘Too Blind To See’ and a more slower, even paced dose of melody on ‘She’s Undressed’. Perhaps it was the one year gap between albums, but it is more than likely that fans will find the latest ILLDISPOSED a bit less entertaining, but still just as intense as far as living up to their Death Metal standard.


01. Sense The Darkness - 5:08
02. Eyes Popping Out - 4:04
03. Time To Dominate - 4:27
04. Never Compromise - 3:52
05. Stop Running - 4:01
06. I Am Possessed - 3:37
07. Too Blind To See - 4:05
08. The Poison - 4:02
09. Another Kingdom Dead - 3:49
10. She‘s Undressed - 4:20
11. We Do This Alone - 4:12
12. War - 4:14
13. Desire - 4:08


Bo Summer – Subwoofer/ Vocals
Jakob Batten – Guitar
Ken Holst – Guitar
Jonas Kloge – Bass
Thomas Jensen – Drums


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illdisposed sensethedarkness


Music: 6
Sound: 6
Total: 6 / 10

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