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Artist: Illdisposed
Title: There Is Light (But It’s Not For Me)
Genre: Melodic Death Metal
Release Date: 1st April 2011
Label: Massacre Records

Album Review

ILLDISPOSED have been around over the years, since 1993, and lately have been very productive in getting their music out. Their latest offering, ‘There Is Light…’ is an aggressive death metal album with lots of melody and also industrial features that really add a certain amount of gothic beauty to the music overall. Tracks like ‘Your Own Best Companion’ feature thick, chugging guitars with just the right amount of rhythm amongst cleanly produced growls and the keyboards in the background provide a symphonic backdrop that make ILLDISPOSED seem like more than just a run-of-the-mill death metal band. One could almost call them cyber-death metal with how the keyboards and electronic influences constantly warp through the album, especially when it comes to a track like ‘As The Day Rottens’.

Other tracks are more straightforward melodic death metal but don’t lose any integrity or the ability to be interesting. ‘Our Words Betrayed’ has that strong opening riff that grabs the listener and tends to just repeat itself throughout the album, but it is very enjoyable; think of it as similar to SEPTIC FLESH before their more orchestral days. ‘Step Into My Winter’ is a chugging rollercoaster that seems to follow more along the lines of typical melodic death metal and somewhat makes ILLDISPOSED seem more generic than they usually do, but the aggression helps fuel the death metal side of them. The track ‘Rape’ is interesting because it features a long, spoken word introduction before moving onto the haunting death metal that seems to slow down a bit to really let the music sink in, but at the same time the introduction does feel a bit longer than it needs to be and some listeners may find it more annoying than atmospheric.

However, ILLDISPOSED leaves the track ‘We’ to help close things up which is a great melodic death metal track full of catchy rhythms and energy. ‘Alone’, a bonus for those who grab the digi-pack, is the most symphonic track of all with how the keyboards are layered, especially near the end when it sounds like a funeral hymn. Overall, ILLDISPOSED are still doing what they have originally been doing for the last few years, but it is still very dynamic and enjoyable, especially to new fans that are just getting into this band. ‘There Is No Light’ is highly recommended to those who enjoy any sort of death metal with gothic elements or just enjoy a thrashing of catchy rhythms while dealing with slightly esoteric themes rather than the typical gore-grind that death metal usually brings up.


01. Your Own Best Companion 3:47
02. Heaven Forbid 4:23
03. Our Words Betrayed 4:10
04. The Taste Of You 4:23
05. As The Day Rottens 3:53
06. Reality To Fall 2:48
07. Step Into My Winter 4:14
08. Rape 5:02
09. Sunday Black 3:36
10. We 4:34
11. Alone 4:10


Bo Summer - Vocals
Jakob "Batten" Hansen - Guitar
Franz Hellboss - Guitar
Jonas "Kloge" Mikkelsen - Bass
Thomas "Muskelbux" Jensen - Drums


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Music: 8
Sound: 9
Total: 8.5 / 10

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