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gammaray masterofconfusion
Artist: Gamma Ray
Title: Master Of Confusion EP
Genre: Power Metal/ Heavy Metal
Release Date: 15th March 2013
Label: earMusic (Edel)

EP Review

2013 is the year members of GAMMA RAY pour attention into the band. So ‘Master Of Confusion’, with new songs ‘Empire of the Undead’ and ‘Master of Confusion’, some rare gems as covers of HOLOCAUST’s [think ‘80s NWOBHM] ‘Death or Glory’ and SWEET’s [think Glam Rock] ‘Lost Angels’ and six live performances from Zeche Bochum, this way comes. In short another collector’s item with good value for money – single lasting nearly 60 minutes, of great sound quality and a glimpse of new material in its two opening songs. Certainly zesty head-bangers with plenty of power riffs ready to engulf you with an epic, that is, pumped up feel. Though don’t expect surprise or something inventive. The following covers are really good, certainly enjoyable inclusion and worthy of listen.

The live performances are executed with top notch professional approach and production, though it seems pointless to have included songs already released in November’s ‘Skeletons & Majesties’, another live performance of the same songs...erm...really? Let’s conclude with understanding that the band is being really productive, pun intended, which though should deliver lots of delight to die-hards (though even if I was one I’d really have appreciated if the live songs weren’t just re-hashed) and a lot of fun for anyone wishing to indulge in Heavy/Power Metal of the classic or one that can be described as nearly vintage feel for the more modern leaning listener.


01. Empire of the Undead
02. Master of Confusion
03. Death or Glory
04. Lost Angels
05. The Spirit (Live at Zeche Bochum)
06. Wings of Destiny (Live at Zeche Bochum)
07. Gamma Ray (Live at Zeche Bochum)
08. Farewell (Live at Zeche Bochum)
09. Time to break free (Live at Zeche Bochum)
10. Insurrection (Live at Zeche Bochum)


Kai Hansen – rhythm & lead guitar, vocals
Henjo Richter – lead & rhythm guitar, keyboards
Dirk Schlächter – bass
Michael Ehré – drums

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gammaray masterofconfusion


Music: 7
Sound: 8
Total: 7.5 / 10

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