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introMatrix, Bochum, Germany
18th October 2014
Feuerengel - A tribute to Rammstein

FEUERENGEL is a German tribute band to RAMMSTEIN. After a RAMMSTEIN concert in 1997, Boris, +hors+en, Farp, Daniel, Holger and X-oph decided to form a cover band. Understanding that the special show elements with all these different kind of fireworks are very important, they worked on sticking as much to the original as possible. Therefore they have hired a pyro-technician for their shows. And they are doing their job as a cover band with so much success that they were even invited to a party of RAMMSTEIN and their guests in 1998 and gathered a lot of positive media attention. Thus it is no wonder that they were headlining several open- air festivals in Germany and the Netherlands. At the request of RAMMSTEIN they performed in 2005 again for them. /


Music & Performance
A black, half sheer curtain hid the stage when we entered the venue. The Tube, where the concert took place, filled quickly until it was packed. Although there was no supporting act, the crowd had to wait quite a long time – the concert was scheduled for 20:30 and started some minutes later - until you could see that the band members appeared on stage and started with their first song ‘Rein Raus’, the song that was heavily requested last year, and the curtain fell down after a few seconds into the song. When the curtain was taken away, the show started on full blast – just like you know it from the energetic FEUERENGEL shows. While the singer Boris and the guitarist Daniel looked like they were dirt smeared, the keyboarder +hors+en had a white make up with a dark lipstick, which makes him a bit look like Joker, especially when he was smiling fiercely. Another highlight was his sparkling suit reminding you of the disco era of the 70’s.


Obviously he had the role of the crazy guy during the show as he was dancing madly at his keyboard and had later his special appearance at the song ‘Pussy’, too, when he moved with a small keyboard to the front of the stage and “annoyed” the others with his weird actions until the singer took away his keyboard and destroyed it. So he perfectly was copying Flake of RAMMSTEIN. Just like the year before and during merely all shows FEUERENGEL is doing. Bassist Holger, who played most of the time in the background, is the darling of the fans as they were frequently shouting his name. Including the question to undress… and so the fan was invited to his hotel room. Of course during the set, there was a lot of fire, especially it became really hot with all those flame jets during ‘Sonne’, ‘Feuer Frei’, ‘Du Hast’ and the very last song, ‘Engel’. As usually during ‘Haifisch’, an inflatable boat was dragged on stage and one fan in the audience had the chance to drive with the boat over the waves of the crowds.


So besides all kind of visual effects by the different kind of fireworks, like burning microphone tripods, flashes, lightning, flamethrower and sparkling drum sticks – and smelly ones of course, too – there was lots of action on stage. Once more, this was an entertaining evening, of course it would have been much better to see RAMMSTEIN themselves on stage.

01. Intro
02. Rein Raus
03. Sehnsucht
04. Asche zu Asche
05. Sonne
06. Rosenrot
07. Keine Lust
08. Wiener Blut
09. Moskau
10. Feuer Frei
11. Donaukinder
12. Laichzeit
13. Pussy
14. B********
15. Waidmanns Heil
16. Bück Dich
17. Du Hast
18. Ich Will
19. Rammlied
20. Du Riechst So Gut
21. Haifisch
22. Engel

Music: 8
Performance: 9
Sound: 8
Light: 9
Total: 8.5 / 10


All pictures by Daniela Vorndran ( /

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