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FeuerengelDocks, Hamburg, Germany
16th February 2019
Feuerengel - [A Tribute To Rammstein] - Tour 2019

Though there are still a few weeks to go until the spring is coming back, the sun surprisingly visited us this weekend in the middle of February and gifted us with +15°C. But not only the sun is heating up this Saturday: FEUERENGEL come back to the sinful Reeperbahn to bring the heat back. Let the (pyro) games begin!

When we speak of RAMMSTEIN, we talk of one of the most impressive German Rock bands of the last 30 years. It is a no-brainer that there are several tribute bands around the world trying to copy them, but only a few manage to reach a high population status and then there are FEUERENGEL, not just a tribute, but creating their very own fan base and spectacular show that is totally worth to see.

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Music & Performance
The Docks venue filled very quickly, no surprise as it was sold-out for a while now and so it got warm inside even before the show started. I got myself a cold drink and was totally grateful to myself later for doing it. Self-care is important. The show started on time at 7:30 pm. No support, so we immediately got the full power of FEUERENGEL. I’ve seen the band a few times live, but for some reason the last time was already in 2012 as I remember, so a lot of time passed by. Already the intro was impressive and the sound and light game totally on top tonight. As before they totally impressed me and also the other over 1,000 people inside. Boris, the frontman, felt to me even more authentic as Till Lindemann’s lookalike. I am totally impressed how even the voice sounds so familiar. The energy is breath-taking and the stage set-up just as huge and bombastic as it could be.

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For many songs there were a lot of specials like the giant cooking pot that appears on stage for the song ‘Mein Teil’ that is about the story of the cannibal of Rothenburg (one of the most horrific real life stories and murders that happened in Germany). The keyboarder Thorsten in his rainbow glitter suit is an amazing alter ego of Flake (RAMMSTEIN). He jumped into the pot and Boris in his ruthless and “little” bloody butcher outfit was cooking - or wait - roasting him (of course protected by the “pot”) on a not so small flame. ‘Feuer frei’ is another song that guarantees lots of bang and hot flames. Very impressive view and hot temperatures guaranteed. But not only the head-banging is on the list. Also the ballads caused Goosebumps regardless the hot temperatures inside. Loved, loved, loved the intensity!

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During ‘Keine Lust’ it even got really cold inside (at least in the photo pit I started even freezing a little, crazy change!). Also for ‘Bück dich!’ the first rows get some refreshment in form of a little shower in an all perverted RAMMSTEIN/ FEUERENGEL way - the only way you would expect it. The whole performance was brute, raw, intense and absolutely spectacular. I keen being very amazed about all the special effects but also the sound and vocal quality that FEUERENGEL offer their fans. Of course the gig was closed with the legendary ‘Engel’, the song that made RAMMSTEIN not just famous, but immortal. And so FEUERENGEL put it at the end of this epic gig. Boris thanked the crew, promoters and the fans and announced the next date in Hamburg for 2020, so save the date and don’t wait too long when the tickets go on sale as their gigs in Hamburg have been sold-out many years in a row now: 15th February 2020.

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Also he was promoting the next live dates and said that they are really looking forward “to finally be able to play new songs after 20 years” (a friendly gibe to RAMMSTEIN who haven’t released any new material in a while, but are finally coming back with a new album and tour this year).

01. Ramm4
02. Feuer Frei
03. Herzeleid
04. Keine Lust
05. Benzin
06. Du Riechst So Gut
07. Halleluja
08. Ich Tu Dir Weh
09. Bett in Flammen
10. B********
11. Frühling In Paris
12. Asche Zu Asche
13. Rammstein
14. Amerika
15. Mein Teil
16. Rosenrot
17. Sonne
18. Waidmanns Heil
19. Du Hast
20. Ich Will
21. Seemann
22. Bück Dich
23. Pussy
24. Engel

Music: 10
Performance: 10
Light: 10
Sound: 10
Total: 10 / 10

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All pictures taken by Nastja Iz

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