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rammstein st
Artist: Rammstein
Title: Rammstein
Genre: Industrial Metal
Release Date: 17th May 2019
Label: Universal

Album Review

Fans can take a deep breath! After 10 years it’s finally here: RAMMSTEIN released their seventh studio album on May 17th. And that’s not enough! 10 days after the release of the album, RAMMSTEIN start their big stadium tour in Gelsenkirchen, which was again supported by the insanity of getting a ticket. According to the ticket provider Eventim, 800,000 tickets for the European concerts were sold in record time. And this despite the fact that since the last studio album, ‘Liebe ist für alle da’ (2009), nothing had been heard from the German band. Can the simply titled new work ‘Rammstein’ still convince after the long break?

First song: provocative! That’s RAMMSTEIN! The first musical sign of life since a felt eternity is called ‘Deutschland’. Certainly the style of the band has changed a bit, but there has never been a monumental movie about it before. And still: Where RAMMSTEIN is written on it, RAMMSTEIN is also in it! The first pre-released sequences, which showed the band members as concentration camp prisoners before the execution, caused indignation and sharp criticism. “Anyone who abuses the Holocaust for marketing purposes is acting in a reprehensible and immoral way,” explained the Central Council of Jews.

But Rammstein aren’t evil Nazis, quite the contrary! But who wants can make his own opinion about it. However, there is not much room for any interpretation. But ‘Deutschland’ was in any case only a foretaste of the seventh studio album. The ten other songs on the new record are probably described as disturbing and dangerous by the boulevard newspapers (which is usual). But in reality the eleven tracks logically follow the previous works of the band in terms of content and music.

What follows is ‘Radio’: probably the most entertaining RAMMSTEIN song since ‘Engel’ and ‘Du Hast’. In any case, the video is cool with an elaborate 30s aesthetic. “Wir senden Tanzmusik!” (“We send dance music!”), it says in the intro to the video. And it’s true: RAMMSTEIN meets KRAFTWERK. In any case, the melody gets stuck on the listener’s ear. A catchy tune is guaranteed! Those who want it harder will be helped with the third song. ‘Zeig dich!’ deals with aggressive Power-Metal notes about the theme church. So it gets dirty after a church choir intro (which was recorded in Minsk). Singer Till Lindemann fires the alliterations and shells of words at the Almighty until the crucifix falls off the wall.

From sex tourism, everything in ‘Ausländer’ revolves around love and making love in holiday countries. ‘Mi amore - mon Cheri’ invite you to sing with Lindemann. Song number five, ‘Sex’ (the name says it all), simply says: “We only live once”. This fast number is so a real pleasure. ‘Puppe’ on the other hand is one of the most intense songs on ‘Rammstein’. The piece tells the story of a boy whose sister receives “clients” in the room next door. RAMMSTEIN wouldn’t be without the total escalation. With a touch of madness in his voice, you get goose bumps during the chorus. Strong!

With again clearly less foam in front of the mouth RAMMSTEIN themes in ‘Was ich liebe’ quite classical everyday worries to the outside. The song reminds a little of ‘Keine Lust’ (2004) with its duality. ‘Weit weg’ goes in the same direction. After all, it’s the same thing and the old complaint: We’d all like to know where we are right now in life and in love. RAMMSTEIN deliver another ballad with ‘Diamant’. Sentimental Lindemann sings (again) about love - and he does it, like once in ‘Ohne dich’: Amazingly intense. ‘Hallomann’ goes even deeper: The ode of a (sexual)delinquent to a beautiful young girl. The song reminds a little of FALCO’s ‘Jeanny’ only in the typical RAMMSTEIN style. In ‘Tattoo’, RAMMSTEIN jest the trend of our time in their very own way, which is no reason for the band to fail.

Whether the album will convince RAMMSTEIN fans will only become clear when the band around Till Lindemann rocks the stadiums. In my opinion it’s a successful comeback with a touch of something new, which isn’t necessarily bad.


01. Deutschland
02. Radio
03. Zeig dich
04. Ausländer
05. Sex
06. Puppe
07. Was ich liebe
08. Diamant
09. Weit weg
10. Tattoo
11. Hallomann


Till Lindemann – Vocals
Richard Kruspe – Guitar / Backing Vocals
Paul Landers – Guitar / Backing Vocals
Oliver Riedel – Bass Guitar
Christoph “Doom” Schneider – Drums
Christian “Flake” Lorenz – Keyboard


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rammstein st


Music: 9
Sound: 9
Total: 9 / 10

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