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futureliedtous presence
Artist: Future lied to us
Album: Presence
Genre: Synth Pop / Electronic / Alternative
Release Date: 10th February 2018
Label: Infacted Recording

Album Review

The story of this band is quickly told. As every member of the band is already known for his own projects as there are Vasi Vallis with NAMNAMBULU, REAPER, FROZEN PLASMA, Krishan Wesenberg with ROTERSAND and Tom Lesczenski with [:SITD:] it was quite naturally in the manageable German Alternative / Gothic scene that they frequently met at diverse festivals, concerts, etc. and build up a long-term friendship. And so the guys decided to work on a new project together in the beginning of 2016. On the occasion of the fourth Benefice festival at the Kulttempel Oberhausen in October 2016 this band has its first live appearance with a few songs. And although they even didn’t have titles for these songs yet, they immediately won over the audience so that some people only came to see them at shows where FLTU was supporting act and craved for the release of an album in order to hear more of this trio.

The band describes their leitmotiv as followed: “Grown up in the eighties dreaming the dream of being musicians. The new millennium, a thrilling innocent - naive projection surface of visionary ideas. At this time we discovered ourselves as musicians, failed, failed again, failed better, rebuilt again, full of hopes. Believing in a future that never was. Carried by our passion we founded FUTURE LIED TO US. The gate of our undaunted optimism, our hopes; in the here and now, the short moment between past and future. Glittering, menacing, alluring, depressing but at all times new and imminent. Presence.”

By the first listening of the album I was quite irritated. My first spontaneous thoughts were: overproduced, too many effects. It took me some further listening rounds until I got used to these acoustic sensations and started to like more and more what I heard. Opener of the album is the already released single ‘Born in silence’ which starts with a piano and modest vocals before the tempo goes up and turns the song into a danceable one. The second one starts playfully and reminds me a bit of older DEPECHE MODE songs with the keyboard sound elements in the beginning. The beginning of the following song could also be an ROTERSAND song, more forcefully which is also underlined by Tom’s singing. Another great dance track for sure. The fourth song reflects clearly the title ‘Fed by anger’ with its sound effects and rigorous beats though the tempo went a bit down.

‘Falling’ starts almost similar tough but the refrain then shows up to be more melodious. The sixth song reminds me again very strongly of the early DEPECHE MODE with several sound effects. Well, the guys cannot deny their influences from the eighties. The next song is surely suitable for the dance floors of the independent clubs. The tempo goes down with the following song filled with beautiful harmonies. ‘Embrace a world’ is a fine Future Pop song with a high potential to be played in the alternative clubs and fill the dance floors. With the beautiful slower song ‘Faces’ the album is closed.

As already mentioned I needed some listening to get into this album, apart from the songs I already heard from the live appearance of FUTURE LIED TO US as supporting act of ROTERSAND in Oberhausen. But then the debut album showed up as a well - made piece of music. Of course you hear the influences of the favourite bands of the guys when they were young and all being involved in their own projects you find that the three masterminds understood it to blend their own musical background in this project in a smart way that creates something new and worth listening.


01. Born in silence
02. Intentions and masks
03. Drops of silver
04. Fed by anger
05. Falling
06. Surrender and pain
07. Suffocate
08. Lost
09. Blue light
10. Embrace a world
11. Faces


Krishan Wesenberg – Keyboards
Vasi Vallis – Keyboards
Tom Lesczenski – Vocals


Cover Picture

futureliedtous presence


Music: 7
Sound: 10
Total: 8.5 / 10

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