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gross reality return to ruin
Artist: Gross Reality
Title: Return To Ruin
Genre: Tech Thrash
Release Date: 8th September 2023
Label: Divebomb Records

Album Review

It’s been a while (six joyless and sad years to be exact) since we were graced with the fast, gnarly and extremely technical and complex Thrash Metal bliss that is GROSS REALITY. Okay the first time I was exposed to a hefty dose of these guys music was in 2019 but it was a long time indeed but now all will be good again because we can worship the bands new release ‘Return To Ruin’. GROSS REALITY was formed in 1990, it took them a while to assemble their first Demo (11 years) but only three years later they gave us their EP ‘Human Resign’ and shortly after the band debuted their full-length ‘Overthrow’ only to bless us again with their follow-up record ‘Escaping Gravity’.

OK, maybe I reviewed about a 1000 records since 2019 but I remember the first time I listened to these guys and that is a big compliment. The overall sound is a bit more aggressive and rough than on their last record ‘Escaping Gravity’, it is still clean and well produced but the overall vibe is feeling like a razorblade being pressed against your neck. Daniel Powells vocals are the main asset as to why I feel a lot of rage in these tracks, he upped his game when it comes to shouting (he was more of a singer that worked with a bit of pressure before but now he is a full blown shouter imho). As I mentioned in my last GROSS REALITY review there is a big METALLICA kinda feel to it when it comes to some of the melodic parts and Daniels vocals (and I am all here for it). My favourite at the moment is the third track ‘Prison Planet’ it is a banger with just enough melody to counteract the massive riffs. Once again a lovely record and a contender for the top 20 of 2023.


01. Carbon Shadows
02. Soul Substance
03. Prison Planet
04. Mind At Large
05. Time Portals
06. Nightmare Hall
07. Dark The Sun
08. Return To Ruin
09. Solitary Hypnosis


Daniel Powell – Vocals, Bass
Jason Wheeler – Drums, Vocals
Roland Arthur – Guitars
Dylan Glotzer – Guitars


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grossreality returntoruin


Music: 9
Sound: 9
Total: 9 / 10

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