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Title: Ruination
Artist: Job for a Cowboy
Genre: Metalcore
Release Date: 7th July 2009
Label: Metalblade Records

Album Review

When it comes to a sequel, the question is will it be good or bad? Sequels can lead down several paths; this path being the path of destruction and determination. In short ‘Ruination’, the second full length only JOB FOR A COWBOY could establish to create. ‘Unfurling a Darkened Gospel’ has the thundering force field of the drumming tactics never skipping a beat, allowing Jonny Davy's vocal grunts and growls echo throughout the entire song. ‘March to Global Enslavement’ heightens the music a notch letting guitarists Ravi Bhadriraju and Bobby Thompson create innovative riffs that play out quick and easy maintaining a momentum of skilful solos you cannot resist. ‘Psychological Immorality’ rounds of the remainder of ‘Ruination’ showcasing JOB FOR A COWBOY’s musical skills at their finest points.

Each song is overall filled with top notch riffs with well rounded solo pieces put into their proper places. The drumming is also done very well adding interesting fill ins thrown out here and there, each part displaying its own uniqueness. Allowing the band to avoid being a boring old breakdown act like some many others have conquered up. The vocals are all over the place doing what they do best releasing those high and low pitched tones to echo and shiver their way down your spine. In close, JOB FOR A COWBOY has made a second attempt and it will surely be hard to top come the next round up.


01. Unfurling a Darkened Gospel
02. Summon the Hounds
03. Constitutional Masturbation
04. Regurgitated Disinformation
05. March to Global Enslavement
06. Butchering the Enlightened
07. Lords of Chaos
08. Psychological Immorality
09. To Detonate and Exterminate
10. Ruination


Jonny Davy
Brent Riggs
Bobby Thompson
Jon Rice
Al Glassman

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Music: 9
Sound: 9
Extras: -
Total: 9 / 10


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