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Essigfabrik, Cologne, Germany
27th September 2010

Having recently released their newest body of work with the album 'Head First', the duo GOLDFRAPP, composing lead singer Allison Goldfrapp and Synth master Will Gregory, is talked about everywhere again. With the new album, they turned their focus to a rather 80s influenced Synth pop style, instead of pursuing the calmness of its predecessor 'Seventh Tree'. The album received mostly positive reviews with some dozes of criticism injected as well. Supporting the album with a club tour, the duo, accompanied by their live musicians, stopped in Cologne on 27th September to fight away the rain, plaguing us all day already. /

Music & Performance

First, however, we needed to wait since the show wasn't supposed to start before 9 PM and a support band didn't exist this time around. Just a few minutes after the estimated start, the lights went down for the illumination on stage to unfold its effects. To an introduction, the band - all dressed up in more or less fancy suits reminding of the 80s or even 70s - walked on stage with glittering Alison following short before the start of the opening made with the slow-grooving 'Crystalline Green'. The entire show, she's been in the line of a ventilator constantly blowing a fresh wind and making her dress looking like a glittering feathering while she was moving around as elegantly as a diva. Instead, the others pretty much remained at their positions, except Will on keytar / violin. Following 'You Never Know' had a complexly formed set of sounds for us with orchestral sections and intriguing vocals. 'Dreaming' veered into more danceable realms, much to the likes of the audience and 'Wanna Life' continued in its wake while establishing a more uplifting temper to dance around to.

On the following dreamy 'Head First' I always had the feeling of having heard the backing Synth melody somewhere else before. Still couldn't quite figure it out. Anyway, a lovely tune. With the set proceeding, the number of danceable tracks increased, certainly being no disadvantage for the crowd's urge to swing along, and perfect tunes were delivered with 'Alive', the new album's first single 'Rocket', or the Electronica-Blues mix of 'Train' with the hands thrown up to clap more than once during these tunes as well. 'Ooh La La' however topped them all in terms of participation. Well, a nice concert I must say, but I was missing a little more action and more talking to the audience. It mostly appeared distanced in a way.

01. Crystalline Green
02. You Never Know
03. Dreaming
04. I Wanna Life
05. Head First
06. Number 1
07. Alive
08. Rocket
09. Believer
10. Shiny and Warm
11. Train
12. Ride a White Horse
13. Ooh La La
14. Hunt
15. Lovely Head
16. Strict Machine

Music: 8
Performance: 7
Sound: 8
Light: 8
Total: 7.7 / 10

All pictures by Daniela Vorndran ( / /

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