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Artist: Hanin Elias
Title: Get It Back
Genre: Digital Hardcore
Release Date: 27th May 2011
Label: Rustblade

Album Review

HANIN ELIAS, after an absence of almost five years where she was enjoying her life somewhere in the Pacific Ocean, returned with this album which contains her collaborations on some of her previously released songs. These collabs are quite diverse; from Marcel Degaz (DIE KRUPPS) to TYING TIFFANY and TIKAHIRI (a band from Tahiti). The problem is that the results are quite diverse as well. If you have something in mind from the ATARI TEENAGE RIOT or her solo albums and you put the CD on you’ll be disappointed. Marcel Degaz seems to be out-of-place and out-of-time, the music is like this Japanese generic electro, full of hardcore bleeps and totally uninspired, and the situation gets even worse with ‘Do You Know’ and what to say about ‘You Suck’? The version suits the title perfectly; Muftak raps and keeps saying the “you” as if he has hiccups and there’s no one around to offer him a glass of water.

It is with ‘Dead Eyes’ that the CD starts to work and to offer interesting remixes confirming the talent of HANIN ELIAS to everyone. Actually not just interesting, the rest of them are brilliant. The songs linger between a feeling of euphoria with their dancing aspects, melancholy, anger (as it is the case with the “greedy” version of ‘Money’), almost psychedelic tones (the TIKAHIRI remix is fantastic), digital power - which will bring to your mind the ATARI TEENAGE RIOT in ‘New Order’, and power, the kind that can be found in THE PRODIGY. What HANIN ELIAS didn’t abandon is an acute sense of interfering with the political and social issues having her music among many other aspects as a vehicle to commune ideas. With ATR and her solo work she picked up where the DEAD KENNEDYS stopped, not forgetting to have a sense of fun and enjoyment on her path. And for most of the CD she proves that.


Get It Back (feat. Marcel Degaz) – 3:41
Do You Know (feat. Diego Sagredo) – 2:44
You Suck (Muftak Version) – 3:26
Dead Eyes (feat. Yeti Pop Star + Mismerizer) – 4:46
Future Noir (Tying Tiffany Remix) – 4:06
Melancolia (feat. Diego Sagredo) – 3:38
I Want You (feat. Tikahiri) – 3:12
Money (feat. Diego Sagredo) – 2:29
New Order (feat. Vigilante) – 4:27
Dead Eyes (Lorenzo Montanà Remix) – 3:46
Axis Shifting (feat. SinDaddy) – 4:23


Hanin Elias


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Music: 7
Sound: 9
Total: 8 / 10

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