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oldsilverkey talesofwandering
Artist: Old Silver Key
Title: Tales Of Wandering
Genre: Post-Rock
Release Date: 16th September 2011 (27th September 2011 US)
Label: Season Of Mist

Album Review

You'd never think that an album based on Grimm fairytales would be something you'd be in to past the age of 8, however because it is the latest brain child of DRUDKH and ALCEST vocalist Niege, think again. The album, ‘Tales Of Wanderings’, is extremely short with only 7 tracks, one of which being the rather haunting instrumental introduction. If you close your eyes, you could almost picture the kind of atmosphere that the band is aiming towards with the Grimm fairytale theme; dark, cold, smoky, shadows.

The first full track on the album, 'November Nights Insomnia', brings us straight in to the sound and style that OLD SILVER KEY is to be known for, but it is a little close to ALCEST, and maybe this overshadows the backing music which is provided by DRUDKH. Even with the music fading behind Niege, you can still hear the twin guitars doing what they do best, and the drums not just sitting there doing the job of keeping time, but adding that extra bit to this, and every other, song on the album. The backing sounds very ALKALINE TRIO, which is good when you are trying to break a new band in to a hard-to-work industry. The vocals provided are very smooth and allows for the little bits of acoustics to be picked up over the distorted guitars.

A keyboard riff that is worthy of it's own instrumental track takes us in to track 3 'Cold Spring'. Acoustic guitars also join in but just provide a backing to the centre stage of the keys and main vocal line. The drums and distortion then burst back in to action making you wonder where they have been and why they haven't been there the whole time. There are twisting, clean vocals lines throughout the whole track, bringing different dynamics and feels to the piece with such heavy riffs to such smooth and slow harmony lines. The song provides us with a 'fake ending' at approximately 4 minutes, which i did fall for, because it seems to slip in to a different style of music for the rest of the track. The guitars are very laid back and drums have cut back as well. It's only when the vocals come back in you realise that it hasn't actually changed and brings back the feel of the track.

'Nineteen Winters Far Away From Home' provides a kick back in to the real world after being hypnotised by 'Cold Spring' as the music style is getting gradually heavier through the album, and it's already over by the time you realise that it is a purely instrumental track because you feel like you are waiting for Niege to jump in at any moment. the acoustic guitars make a reappearance in the same way that they did in 'November Nights Insomnia'. The remaining tracks don't bring anything that we haven't seen here already to the album. 'Star Catcher' is a somewhat lighter and more of an upbeat tempo and key. 'Burnt Letters' seems to be a mix of 'November Nights Insomnia' and 'Star Catcher' being lighter in style, quite a light backing, smooth vocals, yet being a rather negative key. Finally the album closes with 'About Which An Old House Dreams'. It kicks off with a very mainstream “Emo” feel chord progression and build up, but then slips back in to the mesmerising Niege vocals and the newly light version of DRUDKH.

Overall, a very interesting project, one of which I believe could have far more potential if the bands didn't stick to what they already knew and are successful with. I wonder what the next set of stories will bring.


01. What Once Was And Will Never Happen Again
02. November Nights Insomnia
03. Cold Spring
04. Nineteen Winters Far Away From Home
05. Star Catcher
06. Burnt Letters
07. About Which An Old House Dreams


Neige - vocals
Thurios - guitar
Krechet - bass
Vlad - drums, piano, keyboards
Roman - guitar

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oldsilverkey talesofwandering


Music: 6
Sound: 7
Total: 6.5 / 10

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