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loudboy loudboy
Artist: Loudboy
Title: Loudboy
Genre: Indie Rock
Release Date: 21st October 2011
Label: Rent – A – Dog

Album Review

The New Yorkers LOUDBOY started as the personal project of John Andrews who was joined by gifted musicians in order to release their self-titled, debut album. If it isn’t clear from the title of the opening song the LOUDBOY appear to have missed the Summer of Love of ’67 in San Francisco. They seem to have been influenced by the PROCOL HARUM, the 13 FLOOR ELEVATORS and the whole psychedelic rock scene of that era. That thing has some charm in its own right. The band moves with ease between the late 60’s and 70’s in order to make a time leap to a more modern Indie rock. In that course the song that stands out more is ‘Pretty Bleak’ featuring Peter Murphy from BAUHAUS. Unfortunately for the band this is the song that made me return on again and again. This doesn’t mean the rest of the CD is of questionable quality - actually it is a great voyage to some interesting styles - yet once you’ve been familiar with it, it doesn’t raise an eyebrow. And despite the fact that songs like ‘Underhill’ or ‘Mysterium’ need a relaxed mood to be appreciated as they should be. The “coolness” and the musicianship of the band and its members stand as a consignment for the future.


01. Rabbit & Turtle Take The City – 3:39
02. I Gain A Gain – 4:27
03. Runningback – 3:20
04. Pretty Bleak (feat. Peter Murphy) – 3:11
05. Wonderful – 3:25
06. Underhill – 6:37
07. In & Out – 2:37
08. Mysterium – 3:50
09. God Loves Money – 2:41
10. Angeline – 4:21
11. Astroman – 3:35
12. She Haunts Me Dear – 5:07
13. Hiding (feat. Nena) – 3:31


John Andrews - Vocals, Guitars
Derek von Krogh - Bass, Keyboards
Philipp Palm - Drums
Phillip Lethen - Acoustic Bass
Anne de Wolff - Violin, Viola
Antonio Graci - Percussion

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loudboy loudboy


Music: 6
Sound: 9
Total: 7.5 / 10

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