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nomore sisyphus
Artist: No More
Title: Sisyphus
Genre: Indie / Postpunk / Electronic
Release Date: 23rd March 2012
Label: Rent A Dog

Album Review

Sisyphus is a king mentioned in Greek mythology, punished to roll a gigantic boulder up a hill, just to see it roll back down again to start anew. It is a metaphor work or tasks that are never to be completed, regardless of the efforts put into it. IN a way it resembles musicians who, even after an album is sent to the pressing plant, feel there's still something to improve or change. How that transfers to the latest NO MORE album 'Sisyphus' isn't quite clear to me yet, because it feels pretty complete to me. But first things first! The album's opening comes round the corner with a few true words "When nothing matters, all is well" A bitter conclusion put atop a minimal dancing beat wrapped in meandering melodies and Italian spoken-word. 'The Beautiful Life Of The Wasted Youth' is just the right thing to get a party started. It utilizes minimal electronics, acoustic drums and sombre melodies, Theremin included; to create an engaging anthem you instantly start nodding your head to at the very least.

'This Was Die Modernistische Welt' clearly is inspired by retro, say 8-bit electronics that put me in mind of a bygone era where a computer called Commodore 64 was a must-have. A little soundtrack from a computer game this sounds like. The title track on the other hand takes a different road. It's headed towards muddy Louisiana swamp grooves until it gains momentum with a percussion-like beat and airy melodies "Absurdity, here I come..." Well, that's something coming to my mind as well lately. The following 'Gritty Existence' largely maintains a sombre colour, a menacing palette of noises grabbing at you but when you turn around there's no one to see. It's the sonic picture of a life in the shadows, looming in dark corners. 'La Defense' is quite the contrary. It's offering you a way out. Kind of opens the window after a long time to let some light in. While there are still slight layers of mud they'll soon have vanished, never to be seen again. 'The Grey' dwells in post-punk melancholia; its magical intensity akin to a song called 'Neverglade' by TRENTEMÖLLER, only more minimalist with all the more haunting vocals.

'Leaving Berlin' marks the beginning of a journey that leads to an unknown place. The sound is free from the weight of the world; swimming in ambience with vocals coming from a distant shore. 'Les Girafes Sur Mers' adds a singer/songwriter dimension to the NO MORE sound and it feels in no way out of place on the album, even though it's vastly different from what they're usually doing. The duo's closing the album with a track that I've just heard in a lush, orchestral version from PETER GABRIEL: 'Heroes'! The spirit of the original is there in every note with a gritty undertone added amidst the fluffy melodies and oscillations. A slightly rocking attitude joins in later on, Unique in its own way, just as the album is. The production has clearly improved and thus the overall sound quality. New details and shades were added to the sound. Still, it's undoubtedly NO MORE and I'm glad they didn't completely abandon the sound I've tome to like.


01. All Is Well Senza Macchia - 4:25
02. The Beautiful Life Of The Wasted Youth - 3:22
03. This Was Die Modernistische Welt - 3:27
04. Sisyphus - 4:07
05. Take Me To Yours - 3:51
06. Gritty Existence - 2:12
07. La Defense - 3:14
08. 123456789 - 4:34
09. The Grey - 2:55
10. Hypnotized - 2:56
11. Leaving Berlin - 4:07
12. Les Girafes Sur Mer - 3:41
13. Heroes - 4:15


Andy Schwarz
Tina Sanudakura

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nomore sisyphus


Music: 9
Sound: 9
Extras: -
Total: 9 / 10

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