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marathonmann keinrueckzug
Artist: Marathonmann
Title: Kein Rückzug, Kein Aufgeben
Genre: Post Hardcore
Release Date: 17th January 2014
Label: Century Media Records

Album Review

MARATHONMANN is a German band from Munich who started their carrier in early 2012. After releasing a Debut EP and the LP ‘Holzschwert’ they are back with another EP. ‘Kein Rückzug, Kein Aufgeben’ contains seven tracks, the brand-new title track, three acoustic versions of older songs and three B-sides. The music is parts hard and parts melancholic, but always emotional. The lyrics are about battles with the inner self, pain, changes in life, appeals to carry on and not quiet. That was the facts. Now my thoughts, at first I thought this is bullshit, too much pop, not enough ball etc., damn I was wrong and after some listenings I enjoyed it a lot, music and lyrics are in good relationship. The lyrics are very smart and encouraging, far away from the typical party, politic or whatever nonsense. I am even thinking that this band could be very successful in the near future and be a big name in the German music scene.


01. Wo ein Versprechen noch was Wert ist
02. Wenn Du dem Teufel deine Hand gibst (akustisch)
03. Die Stadt gehört den Besten (akustisch)
04. Wir sind immer noch hier (akustisch)
05. Camera Obscura
06. Veränderungen
07. Begegnen / wiedersehen / weitergehen


Michael Lettner – Vocals, Bass
Robin Konhäuser – Guitars
Christian Wölk- Guitars
Marcel Konhäuser – Drums

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marathonmann keinrueckzug


Music: 9
Sound: 8
Total: 8.5 / 10

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