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jenniferrostock30Große Freiheit 36, Hamburg, Germany
9th February 2014
Jennifer Rostock & Marathonmann

With ‘Schlaflos’, JENNIFER ROSTOCK present their 4th album and are also present again on stage in Germany. The *_*-Tour in 2013 was completely sold out, and that without a new album. That might be the reason, why they stop two times in Hamburg during this current tour, on 8th and 9th February. We attended the second show and this one was a great success!


Some minutes after 7 o'clock, support MARATHONMANN from Munich opened the show. The four guys consisting of the singer and bassist Michael "Michi" Lettner, guitarists Robin Konhäuser and Christian Wölk and Marcel Konhäuser on the drums did a good job to prepare the audience for the main act JENNIFER ROSTOCK. With eight songs, the band spread good mood with their post-hardcore-sound, which matched very well with the sound of JENNIFER ROSTOCK. The opening act could not be chosen much better. For one song, even the guitarist and drummer of JENNIFER ROSTOCK joined the band to play along with them, while drummer Marcel visited the audience by doing a stage dive - the first of some following on that evening.


After over half an hour, MARATHONMANN left the stage for the main act, but it won't be the last time, the fans saw them on stage this night. /

Music: 7
Performance: 8
Sound: 9
Light: 6
Total: 7.5 / 10

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Jennifer Rostock

JENNIFER ROSTOCK, originally not even from Rostock but the island Usedom, are since meanwhile seven years a solid size in the German scene. Their music can be described as a mix between electro-pop and alternative-rock. Always on tour, without band breaks or even member changings. That is where the name of the new album comes from, ‘Schlaflos’ - sleepless in English. Nevertheless, JENNIFER ROSTOCK never lost any energy - rather they won more and more. JENNIFER ROSTOCK is front woman Jennifer Weist (and for heaven's sake, do not call her Jenny) and her four boys Johannes “Joe“ Walter (keyboard), Alex Voigt (guitars), Christoph Deckert (bass) and Christopher "Baku" Kohl (drums). /


Music & Performance
Now JENNIFER ROSTOCK entered the stage. Better saying, the rest of the band - Jennifer Weist herself was already standing behind the big curtain. The concert started with the second single, ‘Phantombild’, from their new album ‘Schlaflos’ and a big confetti rain. Smoothly, the band switched to the next song, which was ‘Es tut wieder weh’, a song that cannot be found on any album of the band because it was only released on the soundtrack to ‘New Moon’, but since its releases the song is always contained in the shows. After this two opening songs, Jennifer welcomed the audience. It was the second night, they playing in Hamburg, but they were still full of energy. After a long introduction ("I'm just talking to much again, this is all time which gets lost"), the following song, namely ‘Nichts tät ich lieber’ coming from the very first album ‘Ins offene Messer’, was a big surprise.


JENNIFER ROSTOCK perfectly combined surprises, new songs and old traditions, but without feeling like standing in the concert from the last tour in 2013. So five liquors were drunk on stage, and before every sip, the crowd screamed "zicke zacke, zicke zack, hoi hoi hoi" as always in the last years. The ballad was still there, but exchanged with ‘Ich kann nicht mehr’, and still there was the competition song, were Jennifer always picks two people from the audience, who have to perform the song on stage. This time, the band decided to let them sing ‘Feuer’. The two girls, standing on the stage, perfectly mastered it. The whole show was a great mix between old songs and new ones. One of the highlights was the first single from ‘Schlaflos’, ‘Ein Schmerz und eine Kehle’. JENNIFER ROSTOCK always stood for the fight against homophobia, and this time, the band wrote a song about it. With the lyrics "I'm not scared of falling, I'm scared of jumping", Jennifer Weist throw herself into the masses and went for a stage dive - kind of an old tradition that she goes down into the audience during the concert. After getting back on stage again, she swung a gigantic rainbow flag.


Some more songs like ‘Himalaya’, ‘K.B.A.G.’ and the new version of ‘Du willst mir an die Wäsche’ were performed, the audience slapped its hands and always sang along loudly. For ‘Der Kapitän’, the frontman of MARATHONMANN entered the stage to perform the songs along with Jennifer. The second verse, which was sung by him, had a new text and at the end, both of them throw their captain’s caps into the crowd. Jennifer changed her outfit one time. In the meantime, the band played a long, instrumental intro to ‘Tauben aus Porzellan’. With a beautiful lightshow like stars and candles, the romantic phase of the concert was coming. At ‘Das Schiff versinkt’, lights were held up high. The song following was again one of the traditions, a short cover of a pop song. This time, their victim was MILEY CYRUS’ ‘Wrecking ball’. With the words "Miley sucks, but the song is awesome", Jennifer had the full sympathy of her fans. To increase the "Kitsch-Factor" at this moment, the "first real love song of Jennifer Rostock", written by Joe for his boyfriend, was played, ‘Du nimmst mir die Angst’.


As Jennifer asked for some guys, who could get off the shirts and go to the middle-front of the audience space, the fans knew - now there comes the last song ‘Es war nicht alles schlecht’. Starting with a little Wall of Death, it was like in the years before: one of the loudest songs with singing along by the fans. Nico from WAR FROM A HARLOTS MOUTH was also with JENNIFER ROSTOCK during the tour and joined the song. He also jumped while growling towards the fans. But of course, that was not all. After not even a full minute of "Encore!" screams, the band returned to stage performing some important and missing songs like ‘Kopf oder Zahl’ and ‘Mein Mikrofon’. Jennifer got the guys from MARATHONMANN and Nico again on stage, to celebrate the end of a great concert in the Große Freiheit 36. As a special and very last song they played also the last song from the current long-player, the homonymous ‘Schlaflos’. Jennifer Weist commanded the crowd out with the typical words by her, "Nazis out, dicks in!"


01. Phantombild
02. Es tut wieder weh
03. Nichts tät ich lieber
04. K.B.A.G.
05. Ich kann nicht mehr
06. Echolot
07. Ein Schmerz und eine Kehle
08. Der Kapitän
09. Tauben aus Porzellan
10. Feuer
11. Der blinde Passagier
12. Du willst mir an die Wäsche
13. Himalaya
14. Das Schiff versinkt
15. Wreckingball
16. Du nimmst mir die Angst
17. Es war nicht alles schlecht
18. Zeitspiel
19. Kopf oder Zahl
20. Mein Mikrofon
21. Schlaflos

Music: 9
Performance: 8
Sound: 9
Light: 10
Total: 9 / 10

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