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monuments theamanuensis
Artist: Monuments
Title: The Amanuensis
Genre: Progressive Metal/ Djent
Release Date: 23rd of June 2014
Label: Century Media Records

Album Review

MONUMENTS is a Prog/ Djent band that was formed in 2009, formerly named ELEMENTS, this musically demanding outfit came into existence as a side project of former FELLSILENT guitarist John Browne and guitarist Josh Travis (ex-The Tony Danza Tapdance Extravaganza). The band counts to the biggest bands in the Djent scene (among bands like PERIPHERY and TESSERACT). The first studio album was released in august of the year 2012; the record called ‘Gnosis’ treats Gnosticism and many social aspects of humankind. In march 2013 the band separated from singer Matt Rose and began to search a fitting replacement. Three months later they had found a new vocalist in Chris Baretto.

So, once again I sit here at my desk in my small apartment and listen to (more or less) heavy music. The weather is awful and I just came home from work (on a Sunday, can you believe it?) nevertheless all this Djent movement/ scene is new to me and so you my dear reader will have to do without my highlight-of-the-record section. I gave this record a few turns and I am not disgusted; there are a few elements about the overall style and sound I don`t enjoy but that`s okay. For example the vocals: while Chris Baretto`s voice I really nice I am not a fan of antiphon/ the style change from clean singing to growls (it is strenuous and I fucking hate that style element) although there are parts I really enjoy about Baretto`s singing approach the antiphon irritates me every damn time. There is nothing to say about the guitars, the bass or the drums (all very dynamic and well played) because these dudes know that they can play.

If you are into Djent/ Prog just give this output a listen, I found it very interesting even if it is not my cup of tea.


01. I, The Creator (3:56)
02. Origin Of Escape (4:03)
03. Atlas (3:22)
04. Horcrux (4:46)
05. Garden Of Sankhara (4:48)
06. The Alchemist (4:35)
07. Quasimodo (5:02)
08. Saga City (4:44)
09. Jinn (4:08)
10. I, The Destroyer (5:46)
11. Samsara (5:11)


Chris Barretto – vocals, saxophone
John Browne – guitar
Olly Steele – guitar
Adam Swan – bass
Mike Malyan – drums, samples

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monuments theamanuensis


Music: 7
Sound: 7
Total: 7 / 10

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