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noycetm fallout
Artist: Noyce TM
Title: Fall[Out]
Genre: Electronic
Release Date: 9th January 2015
Label: In-d Records

Album Review

A new year, a new release, a different reality that comes with the single that foreshadows the long-awaited follow up to NOYCE TM's 'Un:Welt'. 'Fall(Out)' picks up the thread after almost everything has gone sideways and mankind has been catapulted back into stone age without electricity, without everything we take for granted these days. Even though the track contains very anthemic string arrangements its basic mood-set is more of a bleak and harsh one, the sound being closer to EBM and industrial aesthetics, which could be interesting if that's the marching route for the upcoming album. Aside from the regular track listing, there's two remixes of the title track for your dancing urges and then there is 'Love Ends', going back to the previous album's sound drowning in spine-tingling strings and quite a meticulously crafted rhythm section. If the rest of the material on 'Love Ends' is equally as strong we are in for a highlight release of the still young 2015


01. Fall(Out) (Extended)
02. Fall(Out) (Rotersand Re-Work)
03. Fall(Out) (Dominatrix Version)
04. Love Ends
05. Fall(Out)


Florian Schäfer - Vocals, Lyrics, Arrangements
Oliver Götz - Production, Synths, Arrangement
Markus Poschmann - Guitar, Keys
Jens Schilling - Drums


Cover Picture

noycetm fallout


Music: 8
Sound: 9
Extras: -
Total: 8.5 / 10

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