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Artist: Noyce TM
Title: Past:ique
Genre: Electronic
Release Date: 1st July 2011
Label: In-d Records

Album Review

Today, we’re going to take a little trip into the recent and not so recent past with the newest NOYCE TM release ‘Past:ique’ you’ll be able to grab at your favourite record dealer as of tomorrow. On this one NOYCE TM open their archives and make available to those who might not know their earlier works tracks out of that era alongside a selection of remixes. All this visually represented by a shark hunting through an otherworldly landscape, a picture taken off the release ‘White Hypnotized Noise’. Anyway, the collection starts with ‘Year 03 (Epilogue)’ and joint venture of organic synth, acoustic splinters and strings before we get treated to an extended version of ‘This World’, given a few partially really punching instrumental tracks. Also this mix‘s arrangement’s coming off far more detailed than the “short” version. Into upbeat clubby territory we get with ‘Headland (Sun Meltdown)’, keeping the rhythm base as simple as possible while elaborating on plaintive soundscaping. With ‘Inschallah’ comes the next extended edition of a song whose structure’s gotten way more heave, reflecting the grave theme of the lyrics.

‘Coma[tose]’ breeds hopelessness and despair and on an even darker side subtle aggression. It’s the many twists in this one that’ll keep your mind fixed to a point beyond the material, a world actually inconceivable to those ever having been lost inside their own body. (Break:Gate) is a very apt second title for this version of ‘Panique’; heavily relying on fast break beats. Has more of a drum’n’bass feeling to it at times. The devil’s in the details on the next track called ‘Tag[traum]werk’ that starts off a little bit different than the original, but the remaining minutes offers nothing really new to me.  No big deal, because one way or another, this is still one of the band’s standout tracks for me. The details are getting less on ‘Clinical White Noise’. Some trademarks people will love Noyce for later are already recognizable, but especially the vocals back then really needed some tweaking. On a first look ‘Our World (in Coma)’ is a mere club track, if you dig deeper you can reveal all the layers there are to it apart from the beats. In a way it’s just literally like the earth beneath our feat. Those who are willing to dig can discover much more than what can be seen   on the surface.

‘A Sculpture of Bones’ is saluting to the old-school-ish 80s and turns out to be a gem placed at the end of the tracklist, switching between moments of low-key melancholia and driven electro punk orchestration while Florian maintains a sense of clarity all the way through inside these cold white walls the track’s painting. The album's ending is made by an extended version of 'Year 03' which in its early seconds sounds quite 80s, but develops to a dark masterpiece in the further course carrying elegy in its heart. Quite some treasures are on the on ‘Past:ique’ and now I’m wondering if there’s any more where they were coming from. Anyway, I think this collection is mostly suitable to those wanting to get an overall look at the band’s body of work and moreover and collectors.


01. Year 03 (Epilogue) - 0:57
02. This Workd (X10DED) - 5:43
03. Headland (Sun Meltdown) - 6:26
04. Inschallah (X10DED) - 5:32
05. Coma[tose] - 5:39
06. Panique (Break:Gate) - 6:03
07. Tag[traum]werk - 5:17
08. Comawalker - 5:12
09. Clinical White Noise - 4:58
10. Our World (in Coma) - 4:57
11. Un:welt (Weltschmerz) - 5:38
12. A Sculpture of Bones - 4:48
13. Karmakoma (Klub RMX) - 5:37
14. This Must Be Heaven - 5:17
15. Year 03 (X10DED) - 6:09

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Music: 8
Sound: 8
Extras: -
Total: 8 / 10

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