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neuroticfish silence
Artist: Neuroticfish
Title: Silence
Genre: Electronic
Release Date: 12th December 2014
Label: Neuroticfish

Single Review

There's little to say about the once almighty Future Pop genre. That's simply because there's not much left of it, or should I say not much of significance. You're just getting served the same formula over and over again and there's hardly something having enough edge to last longer than you need to breathe out. To cut it short: The genre desperately needs some fresh air. The reason the new NEUROTICFISH single 'Silence', regardless of its following remix war is significant is that it sounds fresh. The sweeping synths, the backdrop of opaque pads and the tight rhythm base yet I'm thinking it all would've become "just another" future pop tune if it weren't for the charismatic vocal delivery Sascha provides on here.

It's what elevates the track, above so many of his peers, really. The rest of the single comprises four alternate club versions of the title track. I don't dare calling them remixes because to me they're not. I'd rather have someone completely tearing the song apart and putting it back together differently. But hey, this is just me sounding a little bitter. Coming back to the tracks: The one sticking with me the most is the FROZEN PLASMA take on 'Silence'. It adds a strong anthemic character to it and that's kinda cool. So this is NEUROTICFISH coming back with yet another strong track and a bunch of alternate club edits. If you find them an addition or not is completely up to you. I for one am looking forward to a complete new album.


01. Silence
02. Silence (Simon Fawlter Remix)
03. Silence (Rotersand Rework)
04. Silence (Eisbrecher Remix)
05. Silence (Frozen Plasma Remix)


Sascha Mario Klein (Keys, Vocals)
Henning Verlage (Keys, Production)

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neuroticfish silence


Music: 8
Sound: 8
Extras: -
Total: 8 / 10

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