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megaherz zombieland
Artist: Megaherz
Title: Zombieland
Genre: Industrial Rock
Release Date: 24th October 2014
Label: Napalm Records

Album Review

Not so long ago, German NDH formation MEGAHERZ pleased their old and new fans with a brand-new release entitled ‘Zombieland’. Actually the last creation of the band was ‘Heuchler’ and that was a really good album. But the key word here is “was”, because the current record leaves much to be desired. Of course, it’s not bad at all and some song may be great for clubs but it feels like the band has lost something significant trying to follow the modern tendencies and one of them is that “zombie” theme so popular now, yet popular doesn’t mean good. And I guess I’m not the only one tired of all the stuff everywhere and even in the cover picture of the album.

As for the music itself, in general it’s ok, maybe simpler than could be but again it’s just a matter of taste, moreover there are people who like it. Besides there are still heavy riffs and distinctive vocals, although they are not enough to save the whole thing from producing a relatively flat impression. On the other hand the very beginning of some songs, namely ‘Roter Mond’ and ‘Fanatisch’ are interesting and they sound promising but unfortunately it’s only the beginning. But if you manage to listen to the album almost till the end, all your efforts will be fully compensated with one song, well-known and always worth listening - ‘Hurra wir leben noch’. And at this moment all the previous material may seem illusory and unimportant.

All in all ‘Zombieland’ will interest devoted fans of the band, fans of zombie apocalypse and everything of the kind but definitely MEGAHERZ could make something much better than that, hopefully on their future releases.


01. Zombieland – 3:40
02. Himmelsstürmer – 4:45
03. Für immer – 4:10
04. Roter Mond – 4:09
05. Wir könnten Götter sein – 3:53
06. Lieblingsfeind – 3:16
07. Fanatisch – 4:47
08. Schwarzer Engel – 3:57
09. Unter Storm – 3:37
10. Gegen den Wind – 4:33
11. Hurra wir leben noch – 5:20
12. Frei – 3:34


Alexander `Lex´ Wohnhaas – Vocals
Christian `X-ti´ Bystron – Guitar
Christoph Klinke – Guitar
Werner `Wenz´ Weninger – Bass
Jürgen `Bam´ Wiehler – Drums

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Cover Picture

megaherz zombieland


Music: 6
Sound: 6
Total: 6 / 10

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