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massiveego noiseinthemachine
Artist: Massive Ego
Title: Noise in the Machine
Genre: Electronic, Dark Electro, Industrial, New Romantic
Release Date: 24th July 2015
Label: Out of Line

Album Review

Massive Ego is the UK based Electronic, Dark Electro, Industrial band from London formed in 1996 with a 20 year history of releases and performances. A new version of the New Romantics carried on into Generation V. The lead singer, Marc Massive is very dramatic and stylistic with outfits that draw your attention.

The first track on the album is deliciously decadent, ‘I idolize you’ just seeps with seductive industrial beats bringing you down to your knees. Worship is a word not spoken lightly! The best song on the album. ‘Generation V’ just makes the album become not just an album but an experience stepping into the heavenly electro-bog, take me down there bog men because I would like to join ‘Generation V’. The theme song for those of us who have graduated from Generation X. ‘Dead Silence Rising’ just gets better with beautifully poetic wording. ‘I Idolize you (Leather Strip)’ is an interesting remix that accentuates the harder Industrial beats.

The next track is another remix on the track of ‘I Idolize you’ and you can hear the influence of Aesthetic Perfection in the remix. A really great version of it that adds more complexity. ‘I Idolize You (Modification Extended Mix)’ is probably the best mix of them all which is closer to the original track with more depth perception. ‘Generation V (Frixion Extended Mix)’ is a great remix that can wake the dead and make them rise to their feet. One of the best remixes on the album. ‘Dead Silence Rising (Hellfire Mix)’ is just going beyond the edge of dead silence but obliterating it! Even God will be able to hear this. Dead silence is welcoming in this case. ‘Low Life (Zarkoff Remix)’ is a fitting ending to this album. It’s about the escaping from a life that is all too mundane.

Sinisterly fun and seductively decadent music that is addictive with a capital A. Massive Ego really delivers a uniquely English version of dark electro-industrial sound.


01. I Idolize You
02. Generation V
03. Dead Silence Rising
04. I Idolize You (Leather Strip)
05. I Idolize You (Aesthetic Perfection Mix)
06. I Idolize You (Modification Extended Mix)
07. Generation V (Frixion Extended Mix)
08. Dead Silence Rising (Hellfire Mix)
09. Low Life (Zarkoff Remix) Featuring – Empire State Human


Marc Massive - Vocals
Lloyd Price - Keyboards
Scot Collins - Keyboards
Olly Frost- Percussion

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massiveego noiseinthemachine


Music: 9.5
Sound: 9.5
Total: 9.5 / 10

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