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leaveseyes kingofkings
Artist: Leaves’ Eyes
Title: King of Kings
Genre: Symphonic Metal
Release Date: 11th September 2015
Label: AFM Records

Album Review

If you still haven't listened to this multifaceted band, it's just the right time to do it, because the new album entitled ‘King of Kings’ turned out to be better than all the previous works, at least in my opinion. Female vocals can’t be called a new phenomenon on the gothic scene, but of course everything mostly depends on a singer. Liv Kristine started her carrier in doom metal band THEATRE OF TRAGEDY, then released several solo albums, the genre of which was somewhere in between ethno and pop rock, and in 2003 founded symphonic gothic metal band LEAVES’ EYES. I think projects of the kind which mix a lot of different style are more interesting. Their music can suit any mood and it doesn’t sound too flat or boring. Although at first the band’s music was called folk or Viking metal and it felt like with earlier works the musicians were only looking for their own style. However, even at that time LEAVES’ EYES turned out to be a very interesting project. But now, after over 10 years, maybe reconsidered their impressive musical past and became ready for more experiments the musicians create wonderful things.

On ‘King of Kings’ you can notice folk instruments, ancient languages, even some Celtic influence. There awesome choirs with which Liv’s vocals perfectly coexist. Sometimes the new album reminds of ‘Once’ by NIGHTWISH, but it’s not bad, even on the contrary it just demonstrates similar Nordic coldness, heroism, piercing melody and rich vocal and instrumental parts. It’s an advantage that Liv’s voice is not so opera estranged but she can sing in any register and variously intone, making each song unique. Actually it’s better to listen to the album once or even several times to appreciate it, because the description of tracks will still fail to express everything. Yes, there’s an intro, closer to an end there appears more folk melancholy but in-between legends come to life. Personally I’d like to mark out such compositions as ‘King of Kings’, ‘The Waking Eye’ and definitely ‘Edge of Steel’. However every listen will find something more suitable for his or her taste.


01. Sweven – 2:03
02. King of Kings – 4:47
03. Halvdan the Black – 4:22
04. The Waking Eye – 4:41
05. Feast of the Year – 0:38
06. Vengeance Venom – 3:17
07. Sacred Vow – 4:21
08. Edge of Steel – 5:06
09. Haraldskvædi – 3:24
10. Blazing Waters – 7:30
11. Swords in Rock – 3:01


Liv Kristine – Vocals
Alexander Krull – Vocals
Thorsten Bauer – Guitar, Bass
Pete Streit – Guitar
Joris Nijenhuis – Drums

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leaveseyes kingofkings


Music: 10
Sound: 10
Total: 10 / 10

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