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Marteria & CasperDen Atelier, Luxembourg City, Luxembourg
26th November 2018
Marteria & Casper - “Europa Bambaataa Club Tour” 2018

MARTERIA and CASPER do not only share the year of birth, 1982, but also large overlaps in the audience. Both of them have already broken out of the pure Rap cosmos and are now filling arenas. So a combined album could be a clever marketing move. In November, MARTERIA & CASPER will bundle their enormous live energies and will provide six club shows across Europe for international total demolition before they play next summer five big “Champion Sound Open Airs” with plenty of hits and buck in their luggage. One of these club shows took place last night in the capital’s favourite concert venue Den Atelier.

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Less than two seconds on stage, the two German rappers gave full power. They had fun that evening in the A and this was definitely noticeable. The crowd was dancing, singing and sweating. Nobody stayed dry and especially not the artists on stage. They interacted a lot with the crowd, made jokes and spread a lot of fun. Nobody got bored. Pure adrenalin, from the first second on. Also older songs of the artists themselves could convince so that nobody left empty-handed.

01. 1982 (Als ob’s gestern war)
02. Champion Sound
03. Omega
04. Adrenalin
05. Endboss (Marteria Cover)
06. Auf und davon (Casper Cover)
07. El Presidente (Marteria Cover)
08. Bengalische Tiger (Marteria Cover)
09. Sirenen (Casper Cover)
10. Supernova
11. Chardonnay & Purple Haze
12. Willkommen in der Vorstadt
13. Alles verboten (Marteria Cover)
14. Im Ascheregen (Casper Cover)
15. Kids (2 Finger an den Kopf) (Marteria Cover)
16. Jambalaya (Casper Cover)
17. OMG! (Marteria Cover)
18. Denk an dich
19. 2018 (Gratulation)
20. So perfekt (Casper Cover)
21. Absturz
22. Adrenalin (Remix version)

Music: 7
Performance: 10
Sound: 8
Light: 7
Total: 8 / 10

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All pictures by Elena Arens

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