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lindyfayhella hildring
Artist: Lindy Fay Hella & Dei Farne
Title: Hildring (Mirage) - Single 
Genre: Norse / Dark Pop / Folk / World Music / Fairy Magic / Ambient
Release Date: 17th September 2021
Label: By Norse Music

Single Review

It’s been busy few months for LINDY FAY HELLA! It has indeed, it’s good to be busy because big juicy fruits of one’s labours begin to form on the vines of creativity. The feminine energy within the WARDRUNA franchise has not only been busy recording a new album with her band DEI FARNE but she’s also had the good news of being signed to WARDRUNA’s record label By Norse Music. They will be releasing DEI FARNE’s first album on the 25th November and it goes by the name of ‘Hildring’, the Norwegian word for ‘Mirage’. It’s inspired by those image experiences that you think are real but are not, illusions essentially. The record is also inspired by the nature that surrounds the city of Bergen from whence she comes. This track has nature magic written all over it and I can’t wait to hear.

The title track ‘Hildring’ was released today. I must say that I had a sneak preview of the single a while before the release and on that occasion, I thought it was a beautiful track. With the accompanying video it is even more so. There’s an airy and mossy feel to it, I can smell it in my nostrils. There’s also a dark blanket hanging over the piece that kind of closes in the airiness. It doesn’t dominate but you know it’s there, and it’s not a sinister darkness, it’s something else. The bass line is alluringly introspective like I’m looking for a memory that won’t form itself into coherence in my consciousness. This gives the piece an element of frustration and tension. Percussively the track is simple and emphatic with a glockenspiel feel to it that imbibes everything with woodiness.

And also, what O like is the feeling that this was written instinctually and with spontaneity. There was no going back and redoing and rejigging bits around, the organic vibe is maintained. I don’t get the impression that everyone spent time sitting around in a “committee” deciding how to make something already good even better. ‘Hildring’ is instinctual and not over analysed! Let’s not forget Lindy’s voice in all is whispery, gauzy, airy, impish, mesmeric and child-like and magical tastiness! I’ve written elsewhere. It just came to me that Lindy reminds me of the character of Gump from the 1985 film ‘Legend’. It’s from this era also that the 1980s synth scene was in full swing and DEPECHE MODE were riding the wave of their popularity. 1986 saw the release of the ‘Black Celebration’. This album has inspired some of Lindy’s vocalisations on the upcoming album and on this track, can you hear?

The video was a pleasure to watch and I watched it over and over for 20 minutes. The visuals are stunning in their simplicity. It’s not cluttered, the elements work well together, the only wizardry really is the double exposures to get the ghostly image of the woman. Concise and textured I’d say. I can’t wait for November 26th to come…


01. Hildring (Mirage)


Lindy Fay Hella - Vocals
Roy Ole Førland - Keyboards and Synths
Ingolf Hella Torgersen - Drums & percussion
Sondre Veland - Drums & Percussion
Gaahl - Vocals


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lindyfayhella hildring


Music: 9
Sound: 9
Total: 9 / 10

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