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lindy fay hella de farne whisper
Artist: Lindy Fay Hella & De Farne
Title: Whisper
Genre: Ambient / Dark Pop / Fairy Magik / Electronic
Release Date: 26th January 2024
Label: By Norse Music

Single Review

On March 8th it will be 834 days since LINDY FAY HELLA and DE FARNE released ‘Hildring’. I loved that album! It was an exercise in form and space and intuitive phrasing. It was an album of liberation, wonder and awe at the natural world and celebration of our senses. Also on March 8th is the release of their new album ‘Islet’ which was created during the pandemic. Created at a distance and on each artist’s island of remoteness, nine tracks were recorded with synths and programming becoming the pillars that hold the whole album up and where melodies were conjured that encapsulate the experiences of isolation perfectly.

‘Whisper’ is a teaser fruit of those isolated times and I am enthralled by it. If this what I have in store for my listening pleasure then I can’t wait for March 8th to arrive. It starts with a nonchalant sway and a simple emphatic electronic drum beat. The vocal is husky and ominous but morphs into ethereal flourishes of seductive dreaminess. I like the vocal layers too, each offering up another level of airiness. There’s also a DEPECHE MODE type vibe that carries the track like a leaf on an ebullient stream. What I especially like is the light fluttery lines of vocalisations at around 2:15 in. The production is clear and lush just as it was on ‘Hildring’, the length of the track, which of course is out of context with the rest of the album currently, had me craving for more. Roll on March 8th!


01. Whisper


Lindy Fay Hella - Vocals
Roy Ole Forland - Synth, Programming
Ivor Sandoy - Synth, Producer, FX


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Music: 9.5
Sound: 9.5
Total: 9.5 / 10

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