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lindyfayhella taag
Artist: Lindy Fay Hella
Title: Taag
Genre: Norwegian Folk / Norse / Ambient / World Music
Release Date: 29th May 2020
Label: Van Records

Single Review

It’s been around eight months since LINDY FAY HELLA released her debut album ‘Seafarer’ to the world. That album was an easy dreamy travel companion when I took a train from Oslo to the Midgardsblot site at Borre. Lindy’s vocals meandering like a flowing stream through my brain with no forced entry. This new offering does exactly the same thing. An utterly enjoyable couple of tracks on offer here, the title track suffused with what I consider now to be a trademark jaunty beat. Her voice is rich with the air, waters and mountain scenes of her native Norway. And it comes through in the music, no artifice here. Natural sounds to delight an unnatural world… The opening bars of accompanying track ‘Otherworld’ sounds like ice melting into a torrential stream jumping and skipping and meandering down a mountainside and through mossy crags and crevices like life giving sustenance from the gods, the end resolving into an easy satiation. What else do you want me to add here? There is nothing to add you see? Just listen, feel and enjoy!


01. Taag
02. Otherworld


Lindy Fay Hella – Vocals
Roy Ole Forland – Synths and Programming
Ingolf Hella Torgersen – Druma and percussion
Jan Tore Ness – Drums and Percussion


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lindyfayhella taag


Music: 9
Total: 9 / 10

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