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municipalwaste electrifiedbrain
Artist: Municipal Waste
Title: Electrified Brain
Genre: Thrash Metal
Release Date: 1st July 2022
Label: Nuclear Blast

Album Review

As most readers that will click on this review might know MUNICIPAL WASTE is a well know Thrash Metal band that was formed in 2001 (21 years, seems like MW can officially buy beer now). Aside from generating a massive fan following and  not fucking around when it comes to music this is one of the rare bands to have almost to changes in their roster for over two decades.

MUNICIPAL WASTE is one of those bands that have a definitive sound they call their own, if you see a new record you instantly know what is inside and I don’t mean this as a bad thing at all. Many bands experiment when it comes to their sound, this is not something that made them a popular Thrash Metal band. One of the things that set the typical MUNICIPAL WASTE sound apart from other bands is that two band members do backing vocals and that the band play fast as all fuck.

Another fun fact is that although this is one pretty stable roster, the band members are involved in quite an amount of other bands past and present. Riff-master Ryan Waste for example is also active in the Speed Metal bands BAT and VOLTURE and vocalist Tony Foresta is probably , aside from MUNICIPAL WASTE, best known for his other band IRON REAGAN. The rest of the band is or was involved in too many bands for me to name them while maintaining my motivation to write at all. ‘Electrified Brain’ is the bands seventh full-length record to date and, as always, it really rips! This is no band that wins a complexity or depth award but they do ‘Crank The Heat’.


01. Electrified Brain
02. Demoralizer
03. Last Crawl
04. Grave Dive
05. The Bite
06. High Speed Steel
07. Thermonuclear Protection
08. Blood Vessel - Boat Jail
09. Crank The Heat
10. Restless And Wicked
11. Ten Cent Beer Night
12. Barreled Rage
13. Putting On Errors
14. Paranormal Janitor


Tony Foresta – Vocals
Ryan Waste – Guitar
Nick Poulos – Guitar
Philip “Landphil” Hall – Bass
Dave Witte – Drums

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municipalwaste electrifiedbrain


Music: 9
Sound: 9
Total: 9 / 10

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