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Title: I hate God
Artist: Novakill
Genre: Electro, Industrial, EBM
Release Date: 25th September 2009
Label: RepoRecords

Album Review

Formed in 1996, the Australian Electro / Industrial duo NOVAKILL contributed some songs to several compilations and a short film at first. In 2003, Bones and Sik released their first album `Hard Tech for a hard World´ that was followed up by the long-player `Kill everyone´ two years later. After they had supported NITZER EBB, VNV NATION and COMBICHRIST while being on tour through Australia, NOVAKILL was proud to announce the upcoming release of the new recording `I hate God´ which will be in stores on 25th September. Besides 10 new tracks, `I hate God´ provides a hellish cover of the ULTRAVOX song `Sleepwalk´ three remixes of `Demonizer´ (the winners of a remix contest) and some bonus stuff, for example wallpapers for your mobile phone and their most recent VST-plug-in.

Let’s now listen to what’s inside. One of my favourites is the opener `Mistaken for God´ due to its mid-tempo stamping beat combined with expressive speech singing and resulting in a catchy Electro piece that seems to be orientated towards old school material. Surely, it’s a matter of taste, but I prefer that kind of style to pieces like the second one. `Demonizer´ is a real Hellectro representative; a nervously pulsating dance floor filler coming up with high speed beats and distorted shouting. The evil blast `Ultrakill´ contains horror movie-like female voice samples and synth sounds that will blow your ears off. Introduced by some speech samples and infernally booming sounds that reminded me of a starting helicopter, `Ultrakill´ is a dark bombshell that needs some time to be ignited, but then it will detonate in a deafening manner. Therefore, `I hate God´ will primarily please dance-willing people. If you look for ass-kicking Electro tracks with a pinch of Industrial sounds and offering generous extras, you will be well-advised to buy this album.


01. Mistaken for God
02. Demonizer
03. We work
04. Kombat
05. Exterminate
06. Crusade
07. Ultrakill
08. Incise
09. Sleepwalk
10. Blood Elektrik
11. Tera Death
12. Demonizer (Force-Fed Mix)
13. Demonizer (Deliberate Fury Mix)
14. Demonizer (Broken Bones Mix)



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Music: 7
Sound: 9
Extras: -
Total: 8 / 10


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