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nfd2005_013tilburg_end025.jpgKleine zaal 013, Tilburg, The Netherlands
February 3rd 2005
NFD and the Wounded

With the excitement of the upcoming carnival hanging in the air a great variety of visitors gathered in the small hall of the 013 in Tilburg. A mixture of gothic, metal, old and young all came to see NFD and the Wounded perform.
The Wounded

The venue filled up gradually and by the time The Wounded finally hit the stage it was nice and full, though there was still room enough for everybody to dance.

The set list of The Wounded always seems to be quite short but the length of their songs makes up for that. This evening they played songs from both their albums, mostly from their most recent album ‘Atlantic’. The Wounded has no record deal at the moment but they still wanted to play us a new song. It was a beautiful song but it didn’t present us with anything new, which is a pity in my opinion. A new song does not necessarily have to be something completely different but a new touch to it would be nice. Their singer Marco is not just a good singer but also has a very distinct voice which is one of the reasons The Wounded really have their own sound. The other is a guitar riff which automatically rings the ‘The Wounded’ bell. The sound in the venue was well balanced.

Usually when talking about performance I talk about all the movement on stage. In this case that is difficult, there is hardly any movement you can see but what you do see is the ‘inner’ movement on stage. Marco mostly sings with his eyes closed and his face full of agony due to the emotions in the songs. You can see Eduard (keyboards) really feels the music deep inside. Sometimes he is almost standing in a split while playing his keyboards, sweat dripping from his forehead. The intensity of their performance is always great to see.
Sometimes huge clouds of smoke were blown on stage making the drummer disappear completely. Overall the lights were ok, although it was a bit dark at times.

Music 7
Performance 8
Sound 7
Light 6
Total  7 (7,1)



In my first review about NFD I wrote that I thought being a headliner would probably do them more justice, I am happy to say I was right. This evening it seemed like a completely different band was on stage, this was nothing like the band I saw in Essen.


The concert started off with a fast song with great danceable beats, immediately setting the tone for the evening, let’s have a blast! All through this evening the music was a mixture of danceable beats and metal. The two last songs were a bit slower, so I thought they were going to let us off easy but no, the final song of the evening was up tempo so we could all go home in a party mood.
The sound was ok, but sometimes it seemed to be louder and then at once going back to a lower level of sound (or was it just my earplugs bugging me?).

Some of the members of NFD were in the audience when The Wounded was playing, just coming in to have a look at what this Dutch band could do. This immediately set a tone of intimacy; they were not ‘the band’ but just people, like all of us. During their performance there was also a lot of interaction between the band and the audience; making us finish a sentence for instance. This was possible because the people all seemed to know NFD from their shows as Fields of the Nephilim and Sensorium and were able to sing along with every song. The band really let us know they appreciated our enthusiasm by giving us two thumbs up. Just like us they were smoking and drinking. The lights were fine, not too bright. It seemed as though everything contributed to make this very intimate evening.

Music 8
Performance 7
Sound 7
Light 7
Total  7 (7,4)


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