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Tivoli, Freiberg, Germany
13th March 2010
Led Astray, Beautiful Cafillery, Dying Humanity, Maroon

Saturday night, outside it is cold, it's raining, and everybody's looking for heat - posters promised hot music: MAROON had used a longer break for song writing. Now they wanted to present their latest CD ‘Order’ finally live to the public. Together with three other bands, they wanted to review their concept in a Saxon town. The legendary ballroom Tivoli in Freiberg seemed to them suitable and approx. 500 people had come.

Led Astray

Bang your head! Dark and hard - that’s LED ASTRAY from Bautzen, Germany. The 5 guys are doing violent death metal, influenced by Grind with Hardcore and Trash. They play since 2006 in this formation.

Music & Performance
After a short intro, it quickly became clear to all - something is going on tonight. Fun and enjoyment coupled with a powerful sound. Again and again the front men, Felix and Oliver, drove the people and so the spark jumped across to the audience. The announcements about the titles - with easy-Saxon accent - all convinced, and so the half-hour program was very entertaining. Sometimes you have to yell at people and cut with the fist on the table. What an opener!

01. Intro
02. Rise of an angel
03. Break a system
04. Black blood
05. Demon
06. Friends
07. Resistance

Music: 7
Performance: 7
Sound: 8
Light: 5
Total: 6.9 / 10

Beautiful Cafillery

In 2002, BEAUTIFUL CAFILLERY was founded in Žatec, Czech Republic. They have only one goal: play relentlessly hard-core death. It is a relatively unknown band, which has changed their line-up several times. Thanks to their new bass player, the sound became even “fatter”.

Music & Performance
Without much pause the evening continued as the band took their chance and played a program with much pressure: I only saw one thing in many eyes of the metal fans: the harshness of the sounds increased, and that was good. Pleasant was the title announcements in broken English. Everyone understood it, and even the musicians have always had to laugh again. Accompanied by violently moving people, the band freaked out and all were very satisfied at the end.

01. Upside Down
02. They will still your soul, come back and beat you to Death
03. I don’t sympathise with anybody whose ignoring Death
04. Formally hanged
05. Fight is starting
06. I survived Holocaust
07. Obscene Carnivore
08. Legal killing

Music: 9
Performance: 8
Sound: 9
Light: 5
Total: 8.1 / 10

Dying Humanity

The story of this band started 2006 in Chemnitz, Germany. The 5 piece band plays progressive death metal. Their debut album (2007) received mostly positive reviews which were reflected in many live shows leading the group almost every weekend through Germany and neighbouring countries.

Music & Performance
Chemnitz is only 40 kilometres away from Freiberg and so the band had home advantage. The five guys of DYING HUMANITY is by now long known to many listeners. Front man Marcus vociferously greeted them with a clear announcement: “Simi is our new guitarist. He has rehearsed all the songs in just a few days and now he is an adequate substitute”. A huge round of applause thanked the "new" band. All-over, they played a good 30 minutes show. Animated by the band, the audience did Circles and Mosh Pits again and again. Fun on both sides was put into show which was memorable for me by the following words: "Wir machen Musik gegen RECHTS" (We are making music against Nazis). This was willingly repeated by all - a strong signal against neo-Nazis and violence! The event manager of the Tivoli (Mr. Säurich) took this even with a strong knowledge of applause and was very pleased.

01. Intro (catch the puzzles)
02. Internal Decay
03. Worth of Human Life
04. Sick Desire-Dead Aim
05. Light of Reality
06. Acoustic (Make them forgotten)
06. Wrong Turn
07. Paranoia
08. Failing Existence
09. Outro (Annul the Fragments)

Music: 8
Performance: 9
Sound: 9
Light: 6
Total: 8.2 / 10


MAROON is a Metalcore band from Nordhausen, Germany. All five band members are straight edged and commit to a vegan lifestyle. The lyrics of MAROON deal with a few exceptions with environmental and animal rights, veganism and straight edge in general. Their musical idols are predominantly from the straight-edge field. Founded in 1998, they have been in the business for a long time and so they already have played with many famous bands and were already at many festivals such as With Full Force, Pressure Festival or Wacken. /

Music & Performance
With a mighty howling, the five men were welcomed and that is what gave the band the recognition of their theoretic work: no compromises, totally ready to go! ‘Stay Brutal’ at the beginning of their show was very impressive but did not increase to achieve this. Vocally and musically they knew to please but themselves they were not really satisfied. Any excuses for the audience were not really necessary because after a long break every start is almost a new beginning. An entertaining interplay between audience and band was accompanied by magnificent stage diving and even front man Andre came very close to the crowd. He’s just a musician to touch.

01. Intro
02. Without A Face
03. Stay Brutal
04. Annular Eclipse
05. Bombs Over Ignorance
06. Shadow Of The Vengeance
07. The Worlds Havoc
08. Human Waste
09. (Reach) The Sun
10. This Ship Is Sinking!
11. Endorsed By Hate
12. Wake Up In Hell
13. 24HourHate
14. Schatten

Music: 8
Performance: 9
Sound: 8
Light: 7
Total: 8.2 / 10

The local organizers have never had such bands in the house and were impressed very much. The successful performances of all 4 bands confirmed his idea that metal music can be considered serious and can have large crowds for a peaceful evening. The Freiberg Metal Heads would be happy to determine through further acts of this kind in their city.

All pictures by Holm Pajung ( /

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