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Artist: Liv Kristine
Title: Enter My Religion
Genre: Pop/rock
Release date: March 2006
Record company/label: Roadrunner Records/CNR Entertainment


Liv Kristine has a rich amount of experience in the world of music. First she was the singer of Theatre Of Tragedy, but she was suddenly kicked out off the band after a few years. After that, she didn't gave up the music: Liv and her husband Alexander Krull founded the gothic rockband Leaves' Eyes (which consists of all Atrocity-members). Liv has also recorded some duets, for example with Cradle Of Filth. But she has also a solo-career: her first solo-album, 'Deus Ex Machina', was released in 1998. A few weeks ago, her second solo-album was released: 'Enter My Religion'. The lyrics were all written by Liv herself, and the album is produced by her husband Alexander Krull. But don't expect heavy music... Liv is a true popdiva!


Liv Kristine Espenaes Krull - Vocals
Thorsten Bauer - Electric-, acoustic- and flamenco-guitar, saz, sitar, mandolin, oud, piano
Timon Birkhofer - Bass, cello, piano, backing vocals
Moritz Neuner - Drums, percussion
Jana Kallenberg - Violin
Dimitrios Argyropoulos - Bouzuki, tzoura, oud
Florian Tekale - Piano
Jean Paul - Accordion
Katharina Kleiner - Flute



1. Over The Moon - 3:31
The album opens with one of the 'heaviest' songs on the album. This song was written while Liv and her husband Alexander Krull (Atrocity) were expecting their first child. A happy, up-tempo song with a catchy chorus. There are some 'strange' instruments used, like in most of the other songs on this album. In this one for example a saz, which gives the song (and the rest of the album) an oriental sound.

2. Fake A Smile - 3:39
This is the first single of 'Enter My Religion', written in 7/8 minutes. A beautiful ballad, after the 'heavy' 'Over The Moon'. It's about our daily, busy lives. The song says that we shouldn't forget our emotions and to be ourselves. There are flamenco-guitars (and the saz again) used, which I really like. Moritz Neuner plays percussion, which completes the musical atmosphere. The more I listen to this song, the more I like it.

3. All The Time In The World - 3:51
This song is about the relationship between Liv and Alexander. They had to be patient before they could live together: Alexander lived in Germany, while Liv's home was in Norway. The song starts with a weird noise, and turns out to a semi-acoustic guitarsong. Really nice how Liv uses her voice in the bridge of this song!

4. My Revelation - 3:31
Sometimes it's hard to tell your opinion to the ones that you love. That's where this song is about. This song is quite heavy and again very catchy, and there are a few soprano 'yells' in the beginning. This would fit on the next Leaves' Eyes-album as well! I think this is one of the greatest songs on this album, also in this song there are some unusual instruments used. Like a bouzuki (never heard about it before!), played by Dimitrios Argyropoulos.

5. Coming Home - 4:10
A great guitar-ballad, including a mandoline! Soft, but very great. This song is, like the title says, about coming home. Liv explains: 'I’ve spent a lot of time on the road and I’ve seen many countries and experienced a lot of wonderful things. However, it feels so good to come home and be together with my family. This is my way of relaxing and collecting energy.' She tries to express these emotions in this song, in which she succeeded marvellously!

6. Trapped In Your Labyrinth - 3:45
The intro of the song is played by a piano, but not long after that, the heavy guitars are coming! There's also a sitar used, an instrument from India. It's a lute, but with a very long 'neck' and moveable frets. (There's also a sitar used in 'Paint It Black' by The Rolling Stones!) When I hear this song, I just have to sing along! A very powerfull song, definitely one of the best on 'Enter My Religion'!

7. Blue Emptiness - 3:49
An amazing piano-ballad with great violin- and cello-arrangements. In the beginning there's again the oriental/Middle Ages-sound, but soon it fades out to the piano. I really like that, because already the hole album is 'full' of those Middle Age-instruments. Nothing wrong with that, but a little bit of variation sounds good to me either. And, of course, again the great voice of Liv, I can hear that she believes what she's singing.

8. You Are The Night - 3:34
The song starts with an oriental sound (which we heard more on the album). When hearing the first verse, I thought it would be a very poppy song. And it is, but the chorus is more like a rocksong, because of the electric guitars. The high notes in the chorus are great, and I also like the violin-arrangement by Jana Kallenberg! This song is written a few years ago, it reminded Liv of a James Bond movie. But I can't judge, because I've never seen a James Bond movie... (Shame on me!)

9. Enter My Religion - 3:50
The titletrack.. what can I say about it? Again the oriental sound, which introduces us to a slow, very sweet song! I'm getting a bit 'frustrated' in the middle of the song, because I think it's tóó sweet. I think this is mainly because of the backing vocals. The song's sound is different (sweeter) than the others on the album, so it shouldn't be used to judge the rest of 'Enter My Religion'.

10. Streets Of Philadelphia - 3:19
We all know that it's hard to make a cover that is as good as the original song. But I think Liv did a great job with this Bruce Springsteen-cover! Although, I think her own songs are better... Her voice is very great, but I miss the emotion. She just sings along, I can't feel her own feelings.

11. You Take Me Higher - 3:37
This is one of the most poppy songs on the album, it reminds me of Madonna. When Liv was a child, she was really mad about 'the material girl'. This dance-song (with accordion!) would perfectly fit on TMF or MTV. Usually I don't like things like that, but I can't deny that I really like this song... I can't sit still!

12. For A Moment - 4:24
The last song on 'Enter My Religion' is a ballad. Not one of my favourites, it's maybe a bit too calm for me. I'm getting a bit tired after a while. Although not a bad song! With this song, Liv wants to say that she hopes you have enjoyed the album, and that it took you out off you daily life for a while. Well, Liv: I've absolutely enjoyed your solo-album! So let's keep on doing the good work..! ;-)

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Technical Summary

Total playing time: 45:04
Total songs: 12


Liv Kristine's solo-album has nothing to do with metal, that's for sure. But if you want to listen to something calm after all the heavy stuff, throw this cd in your player! High-quality, a beautiful voice and great arrangements by unusual instruments on the album of a charming popdiva... What else do you want?!

Music  8,5
Sound  8,5
Extra's  -
Total  8,5


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