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screamsilence screamsilence
Artist: Scream Silence
Title: Scream Silence
Genre: Goth Rock
Release Date: 24th February 2012
Label: Out Of Line

Album Review

SCREAM SILENCE, a German Dark/Goth Rock band, was formed in 1998 and have seven albums under their belts with their eight self-titled full-length about to join the list. On the musical map somewhere between DEPECHE MODE, CAMOUFLAGE and THE 69 EYES they play a catchy, atmospheric, melancholy Rock. The moody and evocative feel of it are its most enjoyable elements, the superb catchiness will guarantee the songs will get under your skin. Within its first song ‘Wayfare’ they also add some classical rock and oriental sounds, which lend some extra levels into its enjoy-ability not only in terms of atmosphere but also in cinematic terms. The following ‘One’ also underlines the intensity that they’re capable of building with effortless and classy touch.

‘New Flood’ brings something icy into the atmosphere with keyboards seemingly simple and yet bringing another complex song. The whole album doesn’t let down on the intrinsically built melodies that have all different details and textures in the sound that depicts various deep, passionate and darker emotional states. Though they have something that holds them to the aforementioned bands’ best times, they have their own sound that is in touch with all that is modern. It’s a quality album filled with beautiful, moving and powerful songs that will tap into your emotive depths and pull you into them like a whirlpool, mesmerizing and without the possibility of resisting it.


01. Wayfare
02. One
03. New Flood
04. Dreamer’s Court
05. Blushed
06. In These Words
07. Surd
08. Horizons
09. Downside
10. Days Of Yore
11. Solitude
12. Cocoon


Hardy Fieting - vocals/keys/organs/pianos
Robert Klausch - guitars / acoustic guitars
Hagen Schneevoigt - bass
René Gödde - guitars
Nestor de Valley - drums

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screamsilence screamsilence


Music: 9
Sound: 9
Total: 9 / 10

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