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Burgnächte, Roßlau, Germany
22nd – 24th September 2006
Burgnächte Day 1: Scream Silence, The Dreamside, Clan of Xymox

Unfortunately we drove from one traffic jam into another and so we just arrived in Roßlau when Scream Silence were already playing. We were looking forward to our last open-air festival since several weeks. We joined the festival already last year and we knew that this will be one of these special weekends. Roßlau is a nice, little town in Saxony and the festival is set on the area in and around the castle. The beautiful meadows and little river around the castle create a kind of magical place. The organizers planned a festival with some well-known and some new underground acts. Like the last year, this all were perfect conditions for a special festival full of the spirit of the early gothic years. Additionally, this festival was our possibility to meet some friends we can only hug once or twice a year.

Scream Silence

The German Band was formed in 1998 and already their first album “To die for” was a little hit. They released five fulltime albums and four singles, i.e. the cover “The sparrows and the nightingales” (Wolfsheim). Although the last one “Savourine” came out in 2006, they are actually in the studio again. They founded their own label Plainsong Records in 2004 and played a concert with Adam Pearson (The Sisters of Mercy). The band is now set as Hardy Fieting (vocals), Robert Klausch (guitar), Hagen Schneevoigt (bass) and Heiko Wolf (drums).

We saw them already in the past and they got better through the years. In the early days of the band, Hardy tried to sing with a very deep and mystic voice. Now he worked with a gentle and strong voice. We especially liked the higher parts and very emotional lyrics. This change was already heard on the last two albums, but the impression was even better live on stage. Their dark rock songs were supported by wide electronic melodies. Together this made a special atmosphere and a concert you will remember for a long time.

There were some technical problems during the concert and they had to take breaks between the songs. So they could just work with their additional strings for one song. The audience decided to play the new song “Harvest”. The band played their best songs from the last albums and even another new song (“I’m still waiting”). Even if there were some problems they made the best out of the situation and seemed to have fun and they were obviously proud of the reactions of the audience towards the new songs. Over the last years they became a very good live band. Their wonderful audition was matching perfect to the beautiful late summer evening.

Music 8
Performance 8
Light 6
Sound 5
Total 7.3

The Dreamside

The band was formed in the Netherlands in 1994. The basic members were Kemi Vita (vocals) and Roman Schönsee (bass, guitar). They released their debut album “Pale Blue Lights” the same year. Later Fried Bruggink (guitar) joined the band. After some years and a break, the last album “Spin Moon Magic” was released in 2005. Now the band is completed by Cees Visit (guitar) and Merijn (drums).

Over the years they changed their style and now they are playing metal grounded rock songs. Kemi’s voice is a little bit special, but strong. They had technical problems too and Kemi was hardly heard during the first song. Later the sound got better and the band concentrated on the music. Because of the two guitarists and a bass the music was very powerful. Additional keyboard parts strengthened the melodies. Unfortunately The Crüxshadows didn’t play the festival and so they had to use Rogue’s voice from tape for “Open your eyes”.

Kemi jumped and danced over the stage although she was barefoot during the whole concert. The show rose to its climax when Medusa (also: Clan of Xymox) joined the stage for an impressive fire show. In her breath-taking leather outfit she danced around Kemi and conjured her up. The drummer took some fired drum-sticks and hit a huge drum in the front part of the stage. At this moment truly all eyes were on the stage.

Music 6
Performance 8
Light 6
Sound 6
Total 6.6

Clan of Xymox

The band was founded in the Netherlands in 1983 by Ronny Moorings. During the early eighties they became one of the basic gothic bands and they created a special sound. After some changes in style, home and band members they released their last album “Breaking Point” in April 2006. Now the band is set as Ronny Moorings (vocals, guitar), Mojca Zugna (bass), Denise Dijkstra (keyboard), Agnes Jasper (aka “Medusa”, keyboard) and Mario Usai (guitar). Ronny Moorings is living with Mojca in Leipzig, Germany. This time on stage there was Yvone from AHE OF HEAVEN instead of Denise.

Because they are one of our all-time favorite bands we were really pleased seeing them again. Unfortunately they were again in the more electronic mood and so they inferiored every song with fast and some kind of doomy bass-lines and crushing beats. So we just decided to concentrate on the “pure” songs. Playing their greatest hits from the “Medusa” album (1986) the audience got into this special old time and remembering mood. There were many people in the crowd, who must be already thirty or older and so the atmosphere reminded us a little bit at the beginning of our life in the so called “scene”.

Seeing them sometimes ago we already knew that there will be no special “show”, but they don’t need something like that. Ronny concentrated on the songs and after 23 years he still seemed to have fun of what he is doing. Mojca had this little smile around her mouth during the whole concert. She made some jokes with Agnes, who was the only one on stage moving a little bit more. She danced behind her keyboard and sang with wide gesture, although she had no microphone. Normally Agnes and Denise are alternating at the keyboard. This time Agnes was playing and Yvonne (´Age of Heaven´) supported her. Mario looked sometimes a little bit bored, but after the show we saw that he was having fun.  For us this was the perfect ending for the first festival day.

01. Farewell
02. Weak in my knees
03. Calling you out
04. Jasmine & Rose
05. Louise
06. This world
07. Innocent
08. There is no tomorrow
09. A day
10. Back door
11. Michelle
12. ?

Music 8
Performance 9
Light 5
Sound 6
Total 7.6

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