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Stuttgart, Universum, Germany
05th October 2006
Orkus Festival – Club Tour Part II: Down Below, Zeromancer, Unheilig, Project Pitchfork

Although we worried about a small amount of visitors, the Universum got filled until the beginning of the concerts. After three years I especially looked forward to see Zeromancer again. I visited the Universum for the first time so I had to look at the rooms first. The second party of the Orkus Club Tour was touring again through Germany. The bands fit together in their styles. Three of four bands were from Germany. Unfortunately they had to deal with technical problems through the whole evening and sometimes it really hurt my ears, but in summary this was a nice evening, sharing good music with friends.

Down Below

They were founded just three years ago, but already supporting very well-known bands and took part in festivals. The band is set with Neo-Scope (vocals), Carter (guitars), Convex (bass) and Mr. Mahony (drums). Their first album “Silent wings:Eternity” came out in 2004, but there are already new songs. /  (under construction)

It’s a little bit hard to assess their style. There are these energetic guitar lines and really rocking bass parts, but the keyboard sounds and catchy melodies are bringing more “Pop” into their music. Singer Neo-Scope got better since I saw them the last time - most of the time he worked with a gentle and clear voice. With their short but good audition they convinced the audience. Especially Carter did a very good job and brought much energy and drive into the audition.

The whole show was build around Neo-Scope. Until the end of the concert he lost his jacket and shirt. For the last song “Angel” he got half-naked. I’m sure there were many women in the crowd who will remember this show only because of the good looking body. That’s a little bit sad, because they presented a good show for the introduction of this little festival. Although they aren’t so special in the actual development of the music scene they will become a solid part in it.

Music 6
Performance 6
Light 8
Sound 4
Total 6


With The Seigmen, Alex Møklebust (vocals), Erik Ljunggren (programming), Kim Ljung (bass guitar) and Noralf Ronthi (drums) were one of the greatest rock bands in Norway. After their splitting in 1999 they founded Zeromancer with Chris Schleyer (guitar) from the USA. Their first album “Clone your lover” was released in 2000, with which they won the German Alternative Music Awards as the best newcomer. Their last album “Zzyzx” came out in 2003 and actually they are working on the new one.  Since 2005 The Seigmen did some reunion-shows, but there is no information about new songs. /

I really was surprised seeing them as the second band this evening. For me they were the reason going to this festival. As I had expected they made an energetic, sweating and rocking show.  With their combination of hard rocking guitars, electronic sounds and catchy melodies they are one of the pioneers of this rock-electro-crossover. Singer Alex had some problems sometimes but with the support of Kim this was the show I was looking for. They became a legend as The Seigman in the past, but they found their way to the future and they were showing the young people in the crowd how to rock. As always I didn’t understand why they don’t become a headliner of a festival. They were presenting a show full of quality, hard work and fun.

They are definitely a band for the stage. Their pleasure and fun was obviously shown. Kim animated the audience to raise their hands, sing and party. Although they didn’t get a deserved encore this was one of the concert highlights for me this year. They also showed a little impression of new stuff. The audience celebrated the well known hit “Clone your lover” the most. I especially liked the more rocking ones “Need you like a drug” and “Fade to black”, which was the last song here. Unfortunately the light was concentrated only on Alex, so Kim and Chris weren’t as good seen as he. Damn, I can’t wait for the new album and a headliner tour.

01. Doctor Online
02. Need you like a drug
03. I love you (New song)
04. Chrome Bitch
05. Tonight....
06. Cupola
07. Imaginary friends...
08. Stop the noise
09. Clone your lover
10. Fade to black

Music 9
Performance 8
Light 6
Sound 5
Total 7.7


The German band was formed in 1999. They got a club hit with their first single “Sage ja!” and their debut album “Phosphor” which came out in 2001. Over the years, their build up a solid career and strong fan base. They also released a DVD “Kopfkino”. Their last regular album “Moderne Zeiten” came out in 2006. They added a Live-CD “Goldene Zeiten”. Just some weeks ago they made a duet-single with Peter Spilles (Project PitchforK).

As always they were presenting some kind of “Gothic Pop”. “Der Graf” is singing in German, but the songs are live on stage even better than on the albums. His voice grew over the years and now he is an experienced and well trained singer. In comparison with the early years of the band they are now a guarantee for a solid show. The guitarist Licky plays always good and with much intention. It doesn’t matter whether these were the gentle and slow songs or the more rocking ones. Henning (keyboard) supported all songs with catchy melodies and created a wide atmosphere for the ballads. Unfortunately they had big technical problems. The microphone didn’t work well - especially during the first song.

It was a good performance of all band members, but after seeing them nearly five times in summary it is getting a little bit boring. Only the actual single “Ich will leben”, which was presented with Peter Spilles (Project Pitchfork) and the never live played song “Mein König” brought some diversion. The new duet combines the catchy melodies and lyrics of Unheilig with the electronic strength and power of Project Pitchfork. Both voices are matching perfect. All the other good songs were played so often in the past. “Der Graf” supported every song with his typical wide gestures and he made faces as always, but the speciality was missed - in my opinion. There was a very beautiful lightshow and fortunately it was time again for candle lights (ok: only fire lights), but however I think it is time for a new show.

01. Eva
01. Eva
02. Sieh in mein Gesicht
03. Auf zum Mond
04. Mein König
05. Ich will alles
06. Tanz mit dem Feuer
07. Schutzengel
08. Ich will leben (feat. Peter Spilles)
09. Astronaut
10. Maschine
11. Freiheit
12. Sage ja
13. Mein Stern

Music 8
Performance 8
Light 7
Sound 5
Total 7.4

Project Pitchfork

In 1989, the band was formed in Hamburg, Germany. Until now they released eleven full-time albums, eleven singles and some EPs. Their latest album “Kaskade” came out in 2005. The members are Peter Spilles (vocals), Dirk Scheuber (keyboards), Jürgen Jansen (keyboards), Achim Färber (drums) and Carsten Klatte (guitar). In the early years Patricia Nigiani took part with vocals and keyboards. She left the band in 1994.

So, what kind of music are they playing? They are part of the German Electro evolution and they are well-known for their early albums, which were angry, powerful and electronic highlights for not that few people. During the last two albums they based themselves to the quiet and doomy songs. Their lyrics are still concentrated on the critics about the destruction of the environment, the treatment of mankind and stuff like that, but however the aggressiveness of the music got lost. They began their concert with the older song One by one” and I hoped they will do something like an all-time show. There were some older songs in the set like “K.N.K.A.”, which is still one of my favourites, but in the summary all was put together in a kind of lapping evening.

I saw them in 1999 for the first time. That was a memorable concert because of the strength, the power and the rage of them. Their hard and electronic songs were whipped around the ears of the listeners and the audience was enlightened. Their appearance matched to the lyrics. Now they are only a copy of their past self. Although Peter Spilles seemed to be in a good mood he looked a little bit tired. Dirk Scheuber was making jokes and worked on the technique, but however there wasn’t the special atmosphere on and in front of the stage as I remembered it from the past. There were some dancers in the crowd and during “Timekiller” there was something like a little moshpit seen.

01. Requiem
02. Beautiful-logic-strings
03. Conjure
04. Daimonion
05. Timekiller
06. Mine
07. K.N.K.A.
08. Wonderland
09. Teardrop
10. Souls
11. Schall und Rauch
12. Existence
13. I am
14. Song of the winds
15. Rescue

Music 7
Performance 6
Light 6
Sound 5
Total: 6.3

Written by Madlen Köhn, Pictures by Ruth Gräbeldinger


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