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Zeche Carl, Essen, Germany
19th October 2006
Clan of Xymox and Obscenity Trial

When arrived at "Zeche Carl", just a few people were waiting in the foyer of the location. "Zeche Carl" is a very charming nice location for little concerts and parties in an old converted coal-mine-building in Essen - the heart of the old German industrial area "Ruhrgebiet". Before the support band started, we just met Olaf Wollschläger and Andy Krüger (MELOTRON) at the venue. Olaf Wollschläger is the producer of the support act Obscenity Trial and is producing Melotron - a famous German Synth-pop-band - too. We took the chance to ask Andy Krüger, the singer of Melotro" about the progress of producing their new album and he told us that it succeeds so we can look forward to a new Melotron album in next year. By and by the location filled up and just in time Obscenity Trial started.

Obscenity Trial

"Obscenity Trial" was formed in 1993, but parted ways in 1998. Six years later, in 2004, Obscenity Trial was revived by "Oliver Wand". Live on stage he was supported by "Frank Hass" on Keyboard. The music of "Obscenity Trial" is easy listening and danceable Synth-pop, the current release called "Here And Now" and was released by "infected records" in august this year. /

The set included nine songs after the intro, mostly taken from the current album "Here and Now", completed with "Intoxication" - an older song from 1996. Lovely baselines mixed with strong electronic melodies met the impressive voice of Oliver. Outstanding to note are "Seven Nation Army" - a nice cover version of a White Stripes song - and the ballad "Thoughts".

Just in time a quarter to nine, Frank Hass entered the stage, deposited the towels himself and begun to play the keyboard. After the intro, Oliver Wand completed the line up and started the show with the words: "We are Obscenity Trial and now we will rock". The performance was dedicated and professional. The highlight of the show was the cover version of "Seven Nation Army" with a built-in part of "Sweet Dreams" - a classic from the 80ies by EURYTHMICS.

01. Intro
02. World
03. Seven Nation Army
04. Your Skin
05. Never Too Late
06. All That’s Left
07. Here and Now
08. Thoughts
09. Silence
10. Intoxication

Music 6
Performance 8
Sound 8
Light 8
Total 7.2

Clan Of Xymox

After a short break of conversion we could await the headliner of the evening Clan Of Xymox. Since their formation in their native Holland back in 1984, their music has been constantly changing, always challenging and often quite breathtaking. Some of us have always been of the opinion that Clan of Xymox are something special. A band fired by electronic music but determined, always, to make something that is very much their own. They are unique. The band members on stage this time were Ronny Moorings, Mojca Zugna, Mario Usai and Agnes Jasper. I've seen Clan Of Xymox already at "Mera Luna Festival" this year and I was pleased to see them again in Essen. /

Once again the band presented a good compilation of danceable electro-sounds, starting with "Farewell" and followed by "Weak In My Knees" and "Calling You Out" taken from the current album "Breaking Point" which was released in April this year. After it, step by step classics like "Jasmine and Rose", "Louise", "There's no Tomorrow" or "A Day" bewitched the audience. The main set finished after about an hour with "Back Door". The first encore, requested by the audience, started with "Into Extremes" and went on with "Michelle" and "Muscoviet Musquito". Again the band left the stage, but the audience requested a second encore and after more three songs the show finished by "Stranger". But the Fans didn't leave the venue and Ronny entered the stage one more time to perform an acoustic version of "Agonised By Love" without the band.

The gig was one of the better gigs of the band, from the beginning until the end the spirit went over to the crowd and came back to the band. They had a lot of fun to play and elate the audience with their sweeping performance. Ronny spoke a lot of German announcements and did some jokes. Agnes played a fictive guitar additional to her keyboard again sometimes. At "Back Door" Mario left his guitar and supported Agnes at the keyboards, at "Stranger" Mojca did the same and Ronny played a funny instrument like a viola with a tube at the mouth. Nice to listen and nice to look at, all in one an exciting show with a great band in a good temper. Due to the fact that the show was filmed, we could experience a great light show too.

01. Intro
02. Farewell
03. Weak In My Knees
04. Calling You Out
05. Jasmine and Rose
06. Louise
07. This World
08. Innocent
09. There's No Tomorrow
10. A Day
11. Back Door
12. Into Extremes
13. Michelle
14. Muscoviet Musquito
15. Cold Damp Day
16. The Bitter Sweet
17. Stranger
18. Agonised By Love

Music 8
Performance 9
Sound 9
Light 9
Total 8.6

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