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saxon sacrifice
Artist: Saxon
Title: Sacrifice
Genre: Heavy Metal
Release Date: 1st March 2013
Label: UDR

Album Review

Legendary SAXON are back with their 20th studio album titled ‘Sacrifice’. For one more time SAXON are proving that they are one of the best Heavy Metal bands. The album gets stuck in your mind from the first time you listen it. If you are seeking for new elements and progressive sounds for sure SAXON is not your band, here we have pure old school Heavy Metal. ‘Sacrifice’ has great guitars powerful drums and Biff's voice on top form! If we compare Sacrifice with their previous album ‘Call to Arms’ we'll see that ‘Sacrifice’ is heavier and more aggressive. Best tracks on the album in my opinion are ‘Made in Belfast’, ‘Guardians of The Tomb’, ‘Night of the Wolf’, ‘Stand Up and Fight’ and ‘Sacrifice’ but this doesn't mean that the other songs are not good. The production made by Andy Sneap and is very good and highlights the great compositions of the album. The only minus of the album is the bonus disc which contains 5 older SAXON tracks some of them in unplugged and some in different versions than we knew them but I think these are worse than the original and they have nothing to give to the fans. If you are a metal head for sure ‘Sacrifice’ is an album for you! Don't miss it.


01. Procession
02. Sacrifice
03. Made in Belfast
04. Warriors of the Road
05. Guardians of the Tomb
06. Stand up and Fight
07. Walking the Steel
08. Night of the Wolf
09. Wheels of Terror
10. Standing in a Queue

Bonus Disc 
01. Crusader (Orchestrated Version)
02. Just Let Me Rock (Re-recorded Version)
03. Requiem (Acoustic Version)
04. Frozen Rainbow (Acoustic Version)
05. Forever Free (Re-recorded Version)


Biff Byford – vocals
Paul Quinn – guitars
Nigel Glockler – drums
Nibbs Carter – bass
Doug Scarratt – guitars


Cover Picture

saxon sacrifice


Music: 8
Sound: 8
Total: 8 / 10

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