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terrolokaust2013 02Interview with

Javi Ssagittar (voice, lyrics) from Terrolokaust

In December TERROLOKAUST will be playing for the first time in Russia. Our Partners have asked me to help with promotion. So I have used this possibility to make an Interview with Javi to tell funs a little bit more about history, music, and ideas behind all that band does.

Reflections of Darkness [RoD]: What is the idea behind the name TERROLOKAUST? And who had the idea of this name?
Javi: I had a time of my life where I felt really attracted by what happened in the Second World War, was practically obsessed with books, videos and all the elements of that time, but inside me, I felt so much hatred and horror by the Nazis, I decided to start with the project, and that "better" name, TERROLOKAUST means vision, hatred against all fascist dictatorships, history and reality of humanity. Currently we focus on other things, obviously, but these were the real beginning of the band.

RoD: What’s the idea behind new album ‘Spit The Poison Out’? Who gave you inspiration for the creation of new release?
Javi: I can only say that ‘Spit The Poison Out’ is an album that will be the talk of the "scene". The concept of the album is pain, wounds and lived social discrimination in a world corrupted by microbes of ignorance, hence the title ‘Spit The Poison Out’ is a way to spit all the accumulated terrolokaust2013 01crap and frustration. They are personal experiences and assumptions moments of your life in which you suffered, laughed and agonized, feelings of freedom and anxiety, talk about the potential of life, which must be the time of reflection and personal cry. We lived one society manipulated, corrupted and of course, we lived completely misled by senior officials of the company whore. From religion to politics, is a dark world filled with hate. I consider it the best album ever made... I hope that has a good impact and can be produced in all parts of the world. We are very happy with the result, it has been a really hard job to do, ‘God Love The Violence’ was a highly acclaimed album and we had a responsibility to do something unique. Our intention is to continue offering our best album after album. In my humble opinion, I think that is the most mature album we've done, I think there are some very emotional and passionate, and very extreme and violent moments. Looking forward to ‘STOP’ see the light and see the answers.

RoD: My favourite song from this CD is ‘Pointless’, can you please tell a little bit more about it and how it was made?
Javi: Man's freedom is limited in many physical, psychological, emotional and social aspects. Although you want, you cannot change their genetic characteristics, or increase their IQ beyond a certain point, nor has the power to end the economic crisis and the wars of the world. However, there are many other things that people constantly say "cannot do" and that is
actually a way of not facing the reality of things. That is why the intrinsic meaning of the song goes something like this:

"You live your life, now full of conviction;
A slave until you breathe your last breath.
Because you gave in to no's constriction."

RoD: On the new CD you have remixes from FOTERSAND, FGFC820, PANIC LIFT. How do you normally decide on which track should be done a remix and from which band?
Javi: Normally this is something that is decided by the record label, some topics are chosen and terrolokaust2013 03decided to do the remix, all these bands are our friends, so everything is easier and faster, and of course, we are very happy with their ideas as remixers.

RoD: Are there some other bands with witch you want to work together in future?
Javi: This is something yet to be determined... I love to work with rock bands and do some remixes. It is much more productive and a great challenge for us.

RoD: You have created two great covers of MONISTRY’s ‘Just One Fix’ and KORN’s ‘Falling Away From Me’. Why you have chosen these songs?
Javi: As you can imagine, we are big fans of these bands, and thought it might be something original. My question is: why not? It's all music and it's something that you can bring to your field and make a personal song.

RoD: What do you think about current state of the “Dark Scene”? Are there any bands that catch your eye at the moment? What releases within the recent couple of years you can remark?
Javi: In my humble opinion, I think there are many bands that do not offer anything interesting from long ago, really poor concerts and where it lacks the essence of a good live band. Actually, the “Dark Scene “ should try to open its mind and see beyond bands providing the same story.
But of course, there are also many original products and most importantly of all, spitting its true spirit as a band.

RoD: Why you have changed your scenic image? In particular, why did you decide to give up already recognizable makeup?
Javi: It's something I love to do in the present, not determine something established and methodical, I like to experiment with makeup, maybe one day in one way, and another day, different, something versatile. TERROLOKAUST is always evolving, from music to image.

RoD: A question to you as Germany / Spain band, an experienced participant of underground events and festivals. In your opinion is there anything different between the scene audience in Germany and the audience in Spain? What's the principal difference? Or is it all nonsense and a “Dark Scene “ is the same everywhere?
Javi: There really is a big difference, the Spanish scene is virtually non-existent, and there are few negatives associated with this event. Even cities like Madrid or Barcelona, its events are
terrolokaust2013 02always very poor in terms of the public. Bands that often fill clubs in Germany with 1,000 or even 2,000 people, can gather here only 300. You see, the difference is very exaggerated, except all the really great bands like RAMMSTEIN, etc.... Spain is going through one of the most difficult times in many years and the economic system is affecting cultural and alternative events in general.

RoD: This winter you will be first time playing in Russia. What are you expecting from this Country and show?
Javi: We are very excited about it, it will be our first time in Russia and I hope to offer the best show for our Russian fans, we received many emails from them, they are always supporting TERROLOKAUST, so we owe them a crushing and energetic shows.

RoD: Which surprises have you prepare for your fans?
Javi: What kind of surprise would be if I say ...? jejeje

RoD: In Russia you will play with FREAKANGEL. You have taken a part in work on new album of this band. How long you know each other and how did you meet?
Javi: Yes, Dimitry is my long-time friend, he is a great guy, I like his music, it is different and original, in the past we worked together for some remixes, and one day he asked me to sing on the song ‘Into The Fire’, extracted the album ‘The Ones to Fall’ which is a complete and powerful album, and of course it was an honour to sing that song.

RoD: A few words to your fans in Russia and Ukraine, who are waiting for your show.
Javi: We look forward to land on your icy lands and enjoy the best moments with you. See you soon! Rock On, guys! Thanks for your amazing support to TK. We love you!

Written by Daria Szegeda and Viola Noir (Ukrainian Gothic Portal). The Russian version of the article is available here!




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