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tenaciousd DSC 3491Festhalle, Frankfurt, Germany
16th February 2020
Tenacious D - “Post-Apocalypto: The Tour” Europe 2020

On Sunday it was time to welcome the greatest band of the world TENACIOUS D. During their “Post-Apocalypto” tour they stopped by at the Festhalle in Frankfurt and we had the chance to see them and take some nice pictures of their show. WYNCHESTER was the supporting band but unfortunately we haven’t been able to take pictures. The performance of WYNCHESTER was solid and they did their best to warm up the audience. /

Music & Performance
At 09:00 pm it was time for JB and KG to enter the stage. I have to say I saw them already quite some times and I had high expectations. It was great so see them but when it comes to their performance and the reaction of the audience we should split the evening in two parts. During the first 45 minutes TENACIOUS D performed songs of their latest album ‘Post-Apocalypto’. They projected the cartoon which was made by Jack Black onto a transparent screen. Which means sometimes you could see them, often only the drawings and sometimes the band surrounded by cartoons. During the first part the mood of the visitors dropped a little bit and it became very quiet inside the Festhalle. I would say it was because of the overdose of their latest album but the situation changed dramatically when Jack Black announced the second part of the show.

tenaciousd DSC 3895

He called it the “Greatest Hits” part and with songs like ‘Rize of the Fenix’, ‘Roadie’ and ‘Beelzeboss’ the crowd started to sing. Finally, the atmosphere rose like a phoenix and even a cracked pant could not stop Jack Black and Kyle Gas. And I have to say they can easily keep up with other bigger bands.

01. Post-Apocalypto Theme
02. Film: “Chapter 1 – Hope”
03. Hope
04. Film: “Chapter 2 – Cave”
05. Making Love
06. Film: “Chapter 3 – Space”
07. Film: “Chapter 2 – Cave” / Film: “Chapter 3 – Space”
08. Fuck Yo-Yo Ma
09. Film: “Chapter 3 – Space” / “Chapter 4 – Robot”
10. Daddy Ding Dong
11. Film: “Chapter 4 – Robot”
12. Robot
13. Film: “Chapter 4 – Robot” / “Chapter 5 – Donald”
14. Colors
15. Film: “Chapter 5 – Donald” / “Chapter 6 – Home”
16. JB JR Rap
17. Woman Time
18. Save The World
19. Post-Apocalypto Theme (Reprise)
-Greatest Hits-
20. Rize of the Fenix
21. Low Hangin’ Fruit
22. Sax-a-Boom
23. Roadie
24. Master Exploder
25. Dude (I Totally Miss You)
26. Kickapoo
27. Beelzeboss (The Final Showdown)
28. The Metal
29. Wonderboy
30. Tribute
31. Double Team
32. Lose Yourself (Eminem cover)
33. Fuck Her Gently

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All pictures by Mathias Utz (

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