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trouble onefortheroad unplugged
Artist: Trouble
Title: One For The Road / Unplugged
Genre: Doom
Release Date:1st October 2021
Label: Hammerheart Records

Album Review

This is my fifth review of TROUBLE in 2021; Hammerheart Records is re-issuing their greatest hit records so this fell into my lap and as a big fan of everything Doom, I just had to take this opportunity. When I started to write these reviews Eric Wagner (vocals) was alive and well, he died shortly after I did a review on ‘Manic Fustration’ which is my least favourite of them all. I just did get to know and love the tunes of TROUBLE when Eric died due to complications of a Covid infection. Wagner sang many sad and tragic songs in his lifetime and such was his untimely and preventable death. The collectable 1994 EP ‘One For The Road’ is available for the first time on vinyl or as deluxe 2CD including the full album version of ‘Unplugged’.

The material was remastered at Toneshed Studios for the best audio experience possible and man it does show! In both versions ‘Requiem’ is my favourite, just a heart-wrenching piece of music, brilliantly composed, played and sung. I am, however, no fan of double entries and am happy that ‘Requiem’ is the only song that is on this collection two times. When reviewing a couple of TROUBLE records, I realized how very diverse the material is, some songs have a somewhat hippi-esque vibe to them (‘Smile’, ‘Flowers’) when other tracks sound close to 90s Grunge (‘Window Pain’) or even give of a likeness to some material of Nick Cave (‘Rain’). Hell, ‘Waiting For The Sun’ even reminds me a bit of LED ZEPPELIN.

That man definitely has gone too soon but not without shaping the Heavy Metal landscape with his vision and approach to heavy music and helping to created one of the most iconic Doom Metal bands to ever grace the face of this earth. Rest in peace Eric, see you on the other side...


01. Goin’ Home
02. Window Pain
03. Requiem
04. Another Day
05. Doom Box

01. 7:00 A.M.
02. Rain
03. Flowers
04. Requiem
05. Smile
06. Misery
07. Mythic Hero
08. Waiting for the Sun
09. Fly
10. Heartful of Soul


Eric Wagner – Vocals
Rick Wartell – Guitars
Bruce Franklin – Guitars
Ron Holzner – Bass
Jeff Olson – Drums

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trouble onefortheroad unplugged


Music: 9
Sound: 8
Total: 8.5 / 10

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