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Title: Superior Love
Artist: Sara Noxx
Genre: Electronic
Release Date: 3rd April 2009
Label: Prussia Records

Single Review

The 1997 award winner of the Zillo band contest was often compared to the British artist ANNE CLARK due to her similar voice, but with time; and her further development as a musician, that comparison was to be buried in oblivion. Meanwhile, she’s become a respected and renowned artist that has come up with a plethora of alternative club hits, including her newest offering ‘Superior Love’, the harbinger for her most recent album ‘In(t)oxxication’ released shortly after this single.

The single is split into two separate releases called ‘The Bright Side’ and ‘The Dark Side’, each of which offering a different sound styling of the title track with another vocal partner. ‘The Bright Side’ features Limahl’s voice on the title track which truly gives a 80s charm to the cool electronic sounds. Furthermore, he offers quite a contrast to SARA NOXX breathy vocals. The collaboration with 18 SUMMERS vocalist and lyricist Felix Flaucher brings up a much more old-school-like version with further amplified atmospheric sections. Of each track, there’s also a club version of the song. The “Limahl” version is the cleaner, modern-sounding club rendition, while the “Felix Flaucher” variation offers rather heavy and distorted beats which makes it almost sound like an industrial track.

Included on both singles are also various remixes of the original album version. FUNKER VOGT for instance really didn’t put much effort into making something new out of it, as it simply sounds like a FUNKER VOGT track, just with different vocals. Pummelling club beats and anthemic melody arrangements are the characteristics of the BLUTENGEL remix, while IN MY ROSARY made kind of an electronic Dark Wave track with some Post Punk influences out of it. Really interesting! The album version of the track is the same as with Limahl just without his vocals. Last but not least, ‘The Dark Side’ has another remix of an album track up its sleeves. It’s called ‘Prelude’ and was pushed here into a Dark/Harsh Electro costume by the project VYLEVIRTUE.

I won’t need many words summing up this collection,. Each of the collaborative versions of ‘Superior Love’ is a really exciting one and luckily both have their own sonic identity which makes it worth to even buy both discs. Some of the remixes I’ve heard on the other hand could have been a bit more daring for my tastes, with the exception of the IN MY ROSARY take which is really outstanding.


The Bright Side feat. Limahl
01. Superior Love (Single Edit)
02. Superior Love (12" Alternative-Clubmix by Winus Rilinger)
03. Superior Love (Album Version)
04. Superior Love (Alice in Videoland RMX)
05. Superior Love (Girls under Glass RMX)
06. Superior Love (Real Life Soft Mix)

The Dark Side feat. 18 Summers
01. Superior Love (Single Edit)
02. Superior Love (Club Mix by Winus Rilinger)
03. Superior Love (Girls Under Glass RMX)
04. Superior Love (Dark Territory RMX)
05. Superior Love (Illuminate RMX)
06. Superior Love (Album Version)
07. Superior Love (Blutengel RMX )
08. Superior Love (Funker Vogt RMX)
09. Superior Love (In My Rosary RMX)
10. Prelude (Vylevirtue RMX)


Sara Noxx - Music, Vocals, Lyrics
Limahl - Vocals
Felix Flaucher - Vocals

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Music: 7
Sound: 8
Extras: -
Total: 7.5 / 10


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