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Sara Noxx & Peter Spilles

At the end of January, the ‘Earth Song’, collaboration between Sara Noxx and Project Pitchfork, was released. We took the opportunity to talk to Sara and Peter about the song itself and a few other things…

Reflections of Darkness (RoD): The single is already out for a while. How are the reactions to the song so far?
Sara Noxx (XX): Those we know from the press and digital media seem to be positive
Peter Spilles (PS): As I could test the song during DJ assignments, I can report the reactions being positive without exception.

RoD: When did the idea come up to re-issue one of your older songs Sara?
XX: The Idea came up during the preparations to the release of the Best Of.

RoD: How did you two come into contact in the end Peter and how long did it take until the song was finally finished?
PS: Sara just asked me and I was very keen on this collaboration. As the original material had an inspiring effect on me, I needed approximately 2 weeks until the song was like it is now.

RoD: Was it clear from the very beginning that the song would be more club-orientated or did that develop during the creation process?
PS: It sneaked into the production process unnoticed by us and then developed a momentum of its own.

RoD: Don’t you fear that the message of the song will go under because of the high club compatibility?
XX: As I - regardless of the rhythm of a song - pay attention to the lyrics in the first place, I grant this to every other listener too. Doesn’t matter if he/she’s club attendee or not.
PS: I agree with Sara. Due to my long time experience with PROJECT PITCHFORK I can report, that the message of a song doesn’t lost in the clubs, but gets strengthened.

RoD: We can witness some of the consequences of our actions here on earth for quite a long time now: Tornados, Tsunamis and the like. Why do you think nothing has changed that much regardless of those terrifying events?
PS: I want to remark here, that Tsunamis are usually caused by earthquakes. Earthquakes as well as volcano eruptions are not in the reach of human actions (Exceptions would be explosions of nuclear bombs but this isn’t the case at the moment). To the question:  The actions of an individual person seem to drown in the mass and this frustrates the individual. The individual purchase decision of the consumers considerably improved during the last years. You can recognize that by the bigger choice of organic-products for example. Now the industry needed to follow, but it’s pampered by the politics and won’t be forced to change. Much more would change if eco-friendly alternatives would be sponsored with tax privileges. Such a political intervention really changed something in the German past and jobs have been created. We shouldn’t fool ourselves. Because of its profit maximizing direction the economy isn’t interested in changing something bi itself. The state has to make inducements here, so the big corporations will also follow the positive examples of a few small companies.

RoD: Do some people just don’t care, because they’re telling themselves “I’m not here anymore to witness that anyway”?
XX: I really can’t judge the opinion of many.
PS:  It’s not that I don’t care but I don’t care what other people think to not change anything. Humans are masters when it comes to conjure up excuses. Because of that it’s no use to judge other people’s thoughts.

RoD: Is it already to late or do we still have time to steer in the opposite direction. There are many different views on that topic
PS: As long as there’s still enough time for different views, we can still steer in the opposite direction. The captain of the Titanic would agree with me here. :-)

RoD: Many people think it would be better if mankind would vanish from the face of the Earth. Is that something you can understand or maybe a thought that already crossed your mind?
XX: I love to be alive and I hope mankind will survive regardless of the sacrileges it commits. Without an intact environment a human isn’t able to survive for a long time. Just this results in the duty of every earth inhabitant to cherish and protect it.
PS: This self-conception addressed by Sara should be a part of the culture (again).

RoD: Let’s get back to the single again; which also features remixes of various artists. How did you choose them. Did you contact the artists separately or was it a collective decision prior to the release?
PS: This decision was in Sara’s hands.

RoD: I was quite surprised to see CAT.RAPES.DOG as one of the remixers as well; especially as they’ve disappeared from the scene a while ago and I was already thinking wouldn’t exist any more. Did you just ask them if they wanted to do a remix?
XX: Exactly

RoD: We’re at the end already. Thanks for the interview.


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