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Title: Feel! (MCD)
Artist: Project Pitchfork
Genre: Electronic
Release Date: 23rd January 2009
Label: Candyland / Prussia Records

Single Review

It’s been a while since the last proper PROJECT PITCHFORK album ‘Kaskade’ came to life. Well in 2006, there was ‘Wonderland / A Million Faces’, a double single release only available digitally for a certain time before it was released on CD as well, and the collaboration with SARA NOXX on her ‘Earth Song’. But that’s about it, actually. Through the following years it was mainly Peter Spilles staying in the focus of the music press with his two projects IMATEM and SANTA HATES YOU. The more years passed the mo re “impatient” the fans got and started wondering when there would be a new PP album or if at all, but good things come to those who wait and 2009 will finally see the release of a new full-length, entitled ‘Dream, Tiresias!’ preceded by the single release ‘Feel!’

Besides the album version of the track, there’s eight remixes by the likes of [:SITD:], NOISUF-X or DIE KRUPPS. Of course, we’ll start with the album version, where a monotonous pumping rhythm sets the tone and reveals the track as being highly club-compatible. The arrangement itself isn’t that much dark. Peter Spilles’ trademark vocals add that attribute all on their own and that without any audible distortion effects on the voice, while the gentle sighing of the winds gives a touch of weightless melancholy. Now let’s look into some of the remixes and see what the respective artists did with the given material. Starting the list is [:SITD:] and what am I supposed to say, it’s definitely no surprise to get to hear another full-grown club track having much heavier betas and as we know and love it from the guys tons of melodies.

THE RETROSIC channel the high club compatibility into a rougher and more edgy structure, retaining the track’s basic rhythm. There’s yet another specialty, however with RETROSIC vocalist Cyrus doing big parts of the lyrics himself. The rarest remix by a mile is the Victorian Mix by PROJECT PITCHFORK band colleague Jürgen Jansen subjecting the track to a sonic face-lifting of sorts with which the track becomes an elegiac journey with kettle drum beats and strings.

A really nice appetizer for the complete album, though I think it’s not the best PROJECT PITCHFORK can do. We have to wait and see what the album as a whole brings. Snippets are mostly not that sound to me. The remix work is decent and most of all the Retrosic and Jürgen Jansen takes convinced me.


01. Feel! - Album Version
02. Feel! - [:SITD:] Remix
03. Feel! - Remixed by Noisuf-X
04. Feel! - Axxl E. Mix
05. Feel! - Mr. Petersen RMX
06. Feel! - Die Krupps Remix
07. Feel! - Black-Mix by Axxl E.
08. Feel! - A different feeling (Remixed by The Retrosic)
09. Feel! - Victorian (Mix by Jürgen Jansen)


Peter Spilles
Jürgen Jansen 
Dirk Scheuber

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Music: 8
Sound: 7
Extras: -
Total: 7.5 / 10


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