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projectpitchfork black
Artist: Project Pitchfork
Title: Black
Genre: Darkwave / Goth / Electro
Release Date: 25th January 2013
Label: Trisol

Album Review

In the past years, the Hamburg based Darkwave legend PROJECT PITCHFORK have been putting out a new record virtually every year. 'Continuum Ride' and 'Quantum Mechanics' were cohesive, well-done albums, but left me missing some of the zealousness and diversity of their older work. Unlike the two previous albums, which failed to grip me the same way some earlier PROJECT PITCHFORK albums, certain tracks 'Black' have an instant appeal. 'Pitch-Black' gives the album a punchy start. Other highlights include quirky 'Circus' and wistful 'Rain'. Lyrics follow the usual thematic paths of PROJECT PITCHFORK. Besides Peter Spilles, this time the other founding member Dirk Scheuber has been involved in lyric writing as well.

The band has retained their unique warm and organic sound, but 'Black' has crispier production than its predecessors and has somewhat a more 'pop' feeling to it. Tempos and structures are diverse, melodies are rich and varied. 'Black' is available in two editions. The limited 2CD edition, which comes with two extra tracks and three remixes, is well worth having if you can get your hands on it. While the remixes do not really rise above the originals, 'Midnight Moon Misery' and 'Onyx' are by no means leftover tracks - in fact, they are among the best on the album. Even without the extras, I would definitely rate 'Black' as PROJECT PITCHFORK's best album since 'Dream! Tiresias'. Not only is 'Black' easy on the ears; it also makes me very curious as to which direction the band is going to evolve from here.


01. Pitch-Black (8:00)
02. Drums Of Death (5:41)
03. Enchanted Dots Of Light (5:06)
04. The Circus (4:16)
05. Rain (5:31)
07.Contract (4:35)
08. Storm Flower (4:19)
09. Acid Ocean (6:14)
10. Black Sanctuary (5:52)
11. Nil (7:28)

Bonus CD (2CD edition)
01. Midnight Moon Misery (6:07)
02. Onyx (5:14)
03. The Circus (Rmx) (5:15)
04. Acid Ocean (Rmx) (6:20)
05. Pitch-Black (Rmx) (7:25)


Peter Spilles - vocals, lyrics, composition
Dirk Scheuber - keyboards, lyrics
Jürgen Jansen - keyboards


Cover Picture

projectpitchfork black


Music: 9
Sound: 8
Extras: 9
Total: 8.7

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