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Artist: Rabenschrey
Title: Exzessivus
Genre: NDH / Medieval
Release Date: 24th September 2010
Label: Totentanz Records

Album Review

The first thing to note about this album is it's a bit of a change of direction for REBAENSCHREY, but that's not necessarily a bad thing. I have always considered them to be a mostly medieval influenced band but here I find traces of lots of other things until it seems to be something akin to NDH. That's not to say that I don't like it, it's merely much different to what I was expecting and actually it's very, very good. Sound mixing is superb and Donar's vocals really excellent throughout. After a very brief South American sounding intro we have 'Laufe' a good opening track which is pretty and heavy all at the same time.

'Heiden tanzen' sounds like something straight out of a JETHRO TULL concert circa 1978 but I must stress that's entirely in a good way, for the music is clever, leaning heavily on flute with a large experimental sound to it. Even by now it's obvious that this is a brave album and a big step away from anything that's gone before and it works beautifully. 'Der Kreis' is a step in an entirely different direction however; no less good but very different with wailing Electronica and cutting riffs keeping this track from wandering anywhere too placid. The more tracks go by the more I'm liking this album by the second, with deep lyrics, intricate tunes and solid musicianship from the whole band. There are heavy Neue Deutsche Härte elements running through this whole album and during 'Puppenspieler' someone stuck their head around the door and asked if that was RAMMSTEIN.

Comparisons apart this is a strong album from a strong group who are undoubtedly talented enough not to simply be content with what they've already done and happy and brave enough to tread very new paths. 'Halt mich fest' is a masterpiece as is 'Ich hasse Euch' which for me is probably the most startlingly cutting track on the album in terms of raw emotion and effect. This is a fantastic album and I can't recommend it enough.


01. Intro
02. Laufe
03. Heiden tanzen
04. Der Kreis
05. Bilder auf die Haut
06. Puppenspieler
07. Veris
08. Halt mich fest
09. Drachenboot
10. Kraftvoll
11. Wünsch dir was
12. Die Kirche brennt
13. Geschöpfe der Nacht
14. Ich hasse euch
15. Strauch aus Dornen
16. Stumpf


Donar von Rabenschrey – Vocals, Flute, Digeridoo
Ragnar das Elend vom Knochenberg – Bass
Die Axt von Octalon – Drums
Ivaldis, der Sanftmütige – Guitars

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Music: 10
Sound: 9
Extras: -
Total: 9.5 / 10


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