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Artist: Ross The Boss
Title: Hailstorm
Genre: Power Metal
Release Date: 29th October 2010
Label: AFM Records

Album Review

ROSS THE BOSS is most notable for his guitar work in MANOWAR during the 80s as their guitarist. Despite his leaving, the band’s influence stuck with him. So, in 2006 he formed his own power metal band. They released their debut album in 2008, and fortunately it wasn’t a flop. However, it also wasn’t anything remarkable since it was stained with MANOWAR’s sound all over. However, Ross’s guitar style is significantly present on the album, and it is still present on their latest album, ‘Hailstorm’. Drawing on the fantasy world themes that made bands like BLIND GUARDIAN and HAMMERFALL so exciting, ‘Hailstorm’ is an enjoyable ride for any power metal fan of the early 90s or late 80s.

As expected, ‘Hailstorm’ is certainly guitar driven. Ross’s guitar riffs and solos are full of melody and also sheer aggression that is carried in speed metal bands like DRAGONFORCE while at the same time retaining a catchy sense of rhythm along the lines of HELLOWEEN. Tracks like ‘Kingdome Arise’ are great power metal songs with their chugging rhythm and drum sections. Although Ross doesn’t do everything in his band, his guitar skills are truly the centre piece of the show, particularly in the open track ‘I.A.G’ for the instrumental abilities which is heavily acoustic, and the only acoustic track on the album. Vocally and drum-wise, the music features plenty of hard hitting rhythms melodic tinged clean vocals that feature not-too-ear-splitting highs. Sometimes they sound best with a bit of an “edge” to them such as the hard rock influenced ‘Crom’.

Of course there isn’t much that can be said about the album for diversity. Almost all the tracks sound the same as they feature chugging, crunching rhythms or seamless solos. For those who have heard Ross’s work on with MANOWAR will probably recognize that as the clear sound for the group’s style. However, it would have better to see other influences mixed within the band from Ross’s music history, such as a bit of punk inspiration from DICTATORS. Indeed, this album could have had a bit more varied sound to it, but ‘Hailstorm’ was strictly made for the power metal fans. There are plenty of similarities to the previous album so it is pretty clear what direction the band is going. If one likes a lot of playful melody within their music that comes with an attitude, then this album is for them.


01. I.A.G. (1:15)
02. Kingdom Arise (4:57)
03. Dead Man’s Curve (3:33)
04. Hailstorm (3:52)
05. Burn Alive (4:11)
06. Crom (3:29)
07. Behold The Kingdom (5:28)
08. Great Gods Glorious (3:16)
09. Shining Path (4:36)
10. Among The Ruins (4:30)
11. Empire’s Anthem (6:18)


Patrick Fuchs – vocals
Ross The Boss – guitars
Carsten Kettering – bass
Matthias Mayer – drums


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Music: 6
Sound: 7
Total: 6.5 / 10


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