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suicidesilence theblackcrown
Artist: Suicide Silence
Title: The Black Crown
Genre: Deathcore
Release Date: 15th July 2011
Label: Century Media

Album Review

"This record just attacks, attacks, attacks! You’re jumping up and down, or you’re smashing something, or you’re stomping something. It’s simply unrelenting." (Mitch Lucker about ‘The Black Crown’)

It´s the third release of Deathcore’s spearhead combo SUICIDE SILENCE. And that´s for sure: It´s not a release to cuddle up to someone! It´s an outcome of no compromise - a brute force bludgeons everything that comes along the way. "The Black Crown is us at our finest", Lucker states. "We learned while touring on the last two records, the parts we play live that make people go the most insane; when we see thousands of people ripping each others’ faces off to and just destroying each other. We took the most aggressive elements of the last two records and just compiled them all into pure brutality this time around.”

Is therefore ‘The Black Crown’ just simple smashing to the bones? Not at all! It´s quite obvious that SUICIDE SILENCE is befallen by a certain development with changes that is hard to identify or to describe. Slightly and well dosed variations like electronic or groovy parts stand their ground while Mitch Lucker screams for his life and gives that release the typical note of SUICIDE SILENCE. Even if in other parts the band subjects to alteration (drumming e.g.) the basic sound and abrasiveness of these guys is nearly unbroken. "I want to keep kicking doors down and breaking boundaries", Lucker promises. "Heavy metal has always been around and heavy metal will always be around. It’s not going anywhere and as long as we’re capable, we’re going to keep creating heavy, heavy, heavy amazing sounding music."

Well, let´s kick some ass!!!


01. Slaves to Substance
02. O.C.D.
03. Human Violence
04. You Only Live Once
05. Fuck Everything
06. March to the Black Crown
07. Witness the Addiction
08. Cross-eyed Catastrophe
09. Smashed
10. The Only Thing That Sets Us Apart
11. Cancerous Skies


Mitch Lucker – Vocals
Chris Garza – Rhythm Guitars
Mark Heylmun – Lead Guitars
Dan Kenny – Bass
Alex Lopez – Drums

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suicidesilence theblackcrown


Music: 8
Sound: 9
Extras: -
Total: 8.5 / 10

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