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umbraetimago dieunsterblichen
Artist: Umbra Et Imago
Title:  Die Unsterblichen
Genre: Gothic Rock / Darkwave
Release Date: 16th January 2015
Label: Oblivion / SPV

Album Review

The front man of UMBRA ET IMAGO, a man nicknamed as Mozart, likes to see his philosophy as based on Freud: the core of human existence is sex and his touch is to expand it with music as the union od two experiences through which we come to feel cosmos that is God. Mozart holds that music and sex transcends boundaries be they race, gender or sexual orientation. Here’s the new album ‘Die Unsterblichen’ (The Immortals) for us to ponder. There’s still that ménage à trois of RAMMSTEIN, TYPE O-NEGATIVE and FALCO feel that I guess shouldn’t be expected to be out of the door as it’s a signature after more than 20 years on music scene. So this album offers expansion of that crazy, theatrical fun and hard riffs with sexy Darkwave and Rock edge. Expect also so good ‘Doomsday’ head banging!

‘Seelen-Maler strikes me with a creation of an expansive yet confined space ending with ticking clock, great touch to fizzle the song out? After you ‘Get Off’ with a flamboyant song there’s that inevitable ‘Sex Vampire’. What crystallises as a best song is ‘Gimme Nothing’ – very catchy, smooth, melancholy yet still hard-edged and driven song, sung in accented English, which gives a taste of the bite in lyrics Mozart likes to have for the non-German speakers. It makes you want to dance but be also in a reflective mood at the same time.  I’d listen to the whole album just to hear that song, that’s how it stands out. The album is truly good and fun but the song is simply excellent as is ‘Viva Vulva’, which has something of that feel still, but it has a bit of a dust settling or speed-gathering (depends on which sequence you’ll listen to it) contrast to ‘Gimme Nothing’. I can’t say that I felt connected to God but hey, Mozart and co tried to get me there so thumbs up and if he does it for you, all the better and merrier.


01. Ouverture
02. Die Unsterblichen
03. Gimme Nothing
04. Der Liebe geweiht
05. Viva Vulva
06. Get Off
07. Sex Vampire
08. Radio Song
09. Wiegenlied eines Vampirchens
10. Tief in den Augen
11. Requiem
12. Doomsday
13. Seelen-Maler


Mozart - Vocals
Madeleine Le Roy - Vocals, Show
Tom Oconnell - Guitar
Freddy - Guitar
Erwin - Bass
Himmi - Drums

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umbraetimago dieunsterblichen


Music: 8
Sound: 9
Total: 8.5 / 10

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